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13536Re: Beggining Fletcher Needs Advice

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  • Godwin fitzGilbert de Striguil
    Sep 1, 2003
      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "kissijunk" <kissijunk@s...>
      > I would like to start fletching my own arrows and would greatly
      > appreciate some advice as to what equipment to buy. What are the
      > barebones equipment requirements? If I had a little more to spend,
      > what would be the best thing to splurge on? What kind of glue does
      > everyone use? Why is there such a wide range in price for taper
      > tools? What fletching jig (?) should I get? Where should I buy all
      > my equipment? If anyone has answers to any of these questions, I
      > would be grateful for your help. Thanks a bunch.

      I use two "6-up" JoJans, one straight and one left helical. I also
      have a "single" in my tackle box. I have a local source for shafts and
      have been very happy with them. As for much else, I've ordered through
      3-Rivers and have always been pleased.

      One note: If you're going to use Fletch-tite, make sure you use
      Bohning products for your stain, laquer or other finishes. Bohning
      works well with Bohning, but has problems with other products. Case in
      point: I use "gasket laquer" which is a thick laquer applied by
      dipping the shaft in a dip tube and pulling back through a small hole
      in a silicon gasket. I used fletch-title for my first dozen arrows,
      and lost a bunch of feathers. It didn't stick very well. Duco cement
      works very well for me, and to reiterate what someone else said, it
      does "melt" the plastic nocks just a little, and when I used plastic
      nocks I also used fletch-tite for those. I use only self-nocks now.

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