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13535Re: Beggining Fletcher Needs Advice

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  • L.J. Sparvero
    Sep 1 7:58 PM
      One thing I've found that works great is fletching tape in combination with
      fletch-tite glue (I would not recommend using it alone). What I do is put a
      line of fletching tape on the feather when it's in the clamp, and tape the
      feather onto the shaft with my clamp-and-jig. This gets the feather on the
      shaft in proper alignment. Then I put a bead of glue along either side of
      where the feather joins the shaft, and an extra bit in front and back, and
      gently rub it in (don't rub your eyes while you're doing this!). If you tie
      your feathers on, you can do this before adding the glue, and add a little
      extra glue between the feathers to keep the thread in place. Using tape I
      can let the arrow dry off the jig, can do many arrows quickly.

      If you have access to an analytical balance, you can weigh out your own
      shafts easily. (Josef Alm's book mentions bolts that were weighed
      individually before competitions, so this was done in period) Three Rivers
      also sells a hand-balance that gives very good precision and good accuracy
      for only $10 or so.

      Shoot well! -Lyev Davidovitch
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