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13322Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Period Crossbow Tips

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  • James W. Pratt, Jr.
    Jul 30 10:31 PM
      12" of draw at 150lb will shoot like a 70# longbow
      12" of draw at 70lb will shoot like a 30# longbow...Can you say rainbow
      You need to find a tight grain wood that does not have cracks for bothe the
      pod and stock. We could not find either in Brisban and had to settle for
      somethink less perfect.

      James Cunningham

      > Prod length was 32", design was between a "d" section and flat bow. Was
      > to use it for an indoor target shooter at less than 25 yards. Ipe is a
      > hard brazilian hardwood, has several names including ironwood. The
      > cherry I am going to try next is also known as locust, has a higher
      > modulas rating and may work. I would like to do a composite but have never
      > that except with fiberglass and other modern materials. Would a 12" draw
      > length put the arrow speed in the category of a 50 or 60# long bow?
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