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13308Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Period Crossbow Tips

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  • badger5149@aol.com
    Jul 29, 2003
      In a message dated 7/29/2003 11:21:17 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      cunning@... writes:

      > I make crossbows and the only tips I have seen are on fiberglass prods
      > which
      > are not period. I am sure they used little peaces of leather on the tips
      > to protect the string from damage like we do today.
      > James Cunningham

      Hi James, I am working on a crossbow as we speak out of brazilian cherry, I
      have never seen one before up close and have no real idea what they should be
      set at. My first attempt last sunday was from ipe, my goal was 300# at 12" and
      about 150# @ a 3" brace height, was wondering if these are reasonable figures
      to work with. I was pretty much on target but raised a splinter at full draw
      which would soon fail so i am starting over. I am thinking about going to a
      composite or possibly stacked tapered leaf design. Has anyone used this to your
      knowledge? I was considering shark cartilage as a possible cushion between
      layers that might allow me to draw 16", but this all just theory. Badger

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