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  • Obsidian
    Dec 12, 1999
      Susan Kell wrote:
      > From: Susan Kell <skell@...>
      > Greetings!
      > I thought the original Winter Challenge was created by the archers of what
      > is now AEthelmearc... Did they swipe this good idea from you Midrealm
      > sponsors? I'm thinking 6 to 8 years ago.
      > -- Ygraine

      I wasn't sure about this, so I did some checking. It appears that when
      Gwylym was Archery Commander, at the time that AEthelmearc first gained
      Principality status, that 3 groups (Debateable Lands, Rhydderich Hael,
      and Blackstone Mountain) all discussed the idea of sponsoring a round
      robin style winter shoot thing. Apparently, the three groups agreed that
      it would be a good idea, but details never got hashed out, and the whole
      thing never got off the ground. At roughly the same time, or perhaps
      somewhat after, my local group (Gwyntarian) had basically the same idea,
      and did organize it. Our notion was to provide a venue for that time of
      the year when the targets were hidden in the snowdrifts, and ones only
      option was indoor 20 yd. ranges (which strikes modern participants from
      California and Georgia as fairly humourous). We were certainly the first
      to put it up on the internet, we've been doing that for at least 5 years
      now. There may have been some cross-fertilization (Gwylym is an old and
      valued friend of many senior Gwyntarian archers, and is an honorary
      memnber of our Guild); but my impression is that the ideas were
      independent of each other, with AE. getting there first, but Gwyntarian
      actually setting it up.

      Forester Nigel FitzMaurice; Oaken Regional & Winter Challenge Coord.

      Ex Tenebra, Lux

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