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  • Obsidian
    Dec 11, 1999
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      Mat Kerbouchard wrote:
      > From: Mat Kerbouchard <trj@...>
      > I assume this to be a royal round type event? RR are difficult for us to do often. there is almost
      > no shooting on the island of Montreal and what there is is a 20 yard range indoors. not much help
      > there and I have not had much luck finding other close shooting room.
      > On Fri, 10 Dec 1999 21:25:11 -0500, you, with reckless abandon, wrote:
      > >From: Obsidian <obsidian@...>
      > >
      > >Mat Kerbouchard wrote:
      > >>
      > >> From: Mat Kerbouchard <trj@...>
      > >>
      > >> Greetings sir.
      > >> Where would this Winter shoot be held? I have not heard of it and if it is reasonably close
      > >> we may some of us come.
      > >>
      > >> Unforkunately we are in the far north and it is quite a drive to get almost anywhere. (we
      > >> are 2 hours drive north of coldwood).

      No, the Winter Challenge is designed specifically for 20 yard indoor
      ranges. Many of our more southerly brethern (and sistern, too) choose to
      shoot it out of doors, but the Challenge originated in northern Ohio,
      where shooting outdoors in January is likely to be, um, somewhat
      The actual shoot itself resembles a RR only very superficially (we have
      2 static rounds and 2 speed rounds at standard targets (40 cm.), but
      there are also wand targets and bullseye targets).
      Full particulars can be gotten from the website at
      http://web.raex.com/~obsidian/wint.html . Or, if you (or anyone else
      reading this) prefer, I will Email the rules directly.

      Ex Tenebra, Lux

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