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1297Re: Testing...anybody home?

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  • Karl W. Evoy
    Dec 7, 1999
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      Nice page. Ancel

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Mat Kerbouchard <trj@...>
      I haven't a thing to say either except to announce
      > that our shire's archery company page is nearly complete and if any one
      wants to come see it and
      > offer thier crits they are welcome.
      > www.total.net/~trj/archery/main.html
      > Tchaiou
      > >From Mathurin Kerbouchard of the shire, Dragon Dormant.
      > Northern Region, East Kingdom
      > > Mohammed said:
      > Only the ignorant and fools are ever truly positive of
      > anything!
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