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12554Re: Loose-headed arrows & Silk

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  • Kinjal of Moravia
    May 11, 2003
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      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "jameswolfden" <jim.welch@c...>
      > --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Kinjal of Moravia"
      > <gusarimagic@r...> wrote:
      > >
      > > What will happen when a combatant tells a marshal he was
      > not injured
      > > beause he has a silk shirt and that the arrow head probably fell
      > > off?
      > In SCA combat, the marshall would tell him he was dead
      > because he didn't have a silk shirt, he was wearing mail over a
      > padded gambeson. You can wear whatever armour suits your
      > persona but the SCA combat rules evens everything out and
      > everybody is considered to be wearing the same.
      > From the Rules of the List, Section V. Acknowledgment of
      > Blows...
      > 1. All "fully armored" fighters are presumed to be wearing a
      > hauberk over a padded gambeson with boiled leather arm and
      > leg defenses and an open-faced iron helm with a nasal.
      > James Wolfden

      Yes, of course -- and in playing the SCA game this is fine. But
      those who attack CA want to force a 'reconstuctist' attitude to
      their benefit. Yet these stick fighters follow rules of combat that
      are not period consistent -- we select Princes and Kings based on
      combat rules that would not have survived in real combat. Ever hear
      of 'step though' or 'shield charge'? Not allowed, but if a 'heavy'
      ever attacks me after 'light' surrended, he will know what they are -
      - and may not sire children thereafter. I once had a man pull a gun
      on me in one of my businesses - mistake - I took him to the hospital
      with a broken arm and knee cap -- then called the police, for which
      I got cited for 'improper response'. The victim still writes to me.

      and I am a gentle person, not very well trained, but also a disabled
      Viet Nam vet. My staggering 250 lbs can do some damage in a full
      charge and I wouldn't hesitate, unlike someone who has never...

      The point is that while playing this game one could still get hurt,
      and I will never fight heavy. But once I have signed that insurance
      release form I question the ability of the group to control
      (politics)activities for 'my protection' -- we already have one
      silly governement -- don't need another -- but if you must
      legislate, do it for consistent and period reasons, not caprice.
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