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12507Re: First Results from Mary Rose war arrow re-creation

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  • Kinjal of Moravia
    May 6, 2003
      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "jameswolfden" <jim.welch@c...>
      getting a period correct bow is not a problem from the right
      merchant, and need not be expensive either. My profered bow is not
      exectly period, based on a 600BC Assyrian design. However,it is
      close to a Sythian style into which it evolved. 50# with a beautiful
      pull, and it looks so nice I get constant comments in my Scythian
      style quiver. I use Mongolian release because of sever arthritis and
      can fire 7 arrows in 30 seconds. Cost = $270


      > --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "James Brummet"
      > wrote:
      > > Okay I have to ask after all the emails. What is a Mary Rose
      > >
      > The Mary Rose was an late period English warship that sank. It had
      > large assortment of armaments on board including english longbows
      > arrow shafts that have been preserved over time. A sword may be
      > passed from generation to generation but an old longbow and arrows
      > are just kindling or will be left to rot. So this becomes a
      > to most of us archer types that are trying to recreate period bows
      > and arrows.
      > Check out www.maryrose.org for more on the Mary Rose.
      > James Wolfden
      > Lions Gate
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