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12311Re: [SCA-Archery] Digest Number 1239

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  • Ragnar Ketilsson
    Mar 2, 2003

      Actually, the limbs of a compound bow do move, just
      not as far as those of a traditional bow move. The
      cams or offset wheels provide a variable mechanical
      advantage which sharply decreases the draw weight at
      full draw while keeping a relatively high weight on
      the bulk of the draw.

      Ragnar Ketilsson

      >The limbs do not move on a compounds bow, the wheels
      >are doing all of
      >the work.
      >On a recurve, the limbs are actually moving and
      >doing the work. I have
      >seen a take-down compound bow. From what I *have*
      >seen, the archers
      >who use
      >them are very particularly about their setup and
      >seem to fiddle with it
      >all of
      >the time. Almost obsessively.


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