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12094Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: non-traditional revisited

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  • jrosswebb1@webtv.net
    Feb 6, 2003
      hamberg@... writes:
      If you are underwhelmed then let's say we shoot a few 300 rounds and
      make the game interesting. Say $10 a point .... Let me warn you however
      that with my Olympic recurve you aren't going to beat me with a score in
      the 260s.
      I admit that I am not as good with traditional equipment as I should be.
      A couple of weeks ago when it was warm enough to shoot my longbow I
      tried shooting a period Royal Round and FINALLY managed to shoot a "100"
      (usually I'm in the 80s). Not bad on SCA standards but definitely not

      laurnamacnear wrote:
      Hmmmmmmmmmmmm seems to me that you just made his point...

      To laurnamacnear,
      Yup! I thought so too.

      WOW! This list has been busy today! I just came home to a mountain of

      You originally were exhaulting the superiority of Olympic style
      archers and stated that many of them also were proficient with
      traditional equipment. I stated that I had not seen any of those archers
      do anything noteworthy with traditional equipment, and those that I knew
      that had tried to shoot with some of our equipment, did very poorly. I
      contend that it is the equipment, the sights, stabilizer, $60.00 a piece
      perfectly matched arrows, that gives these archers their high scores
      because without them their abilities are underwhelming. In other words,
      if you throw enough money at your goal, you can succeed. Now I'm not
      saying that there isn't a great deal of skill involved in shooting that
      equipment, but I think that after a time the gadgets become crutches
      that change the character of what I know to be archery.
      You then challenged me with my longbow against your Olympic
      recurve. What's the point of that? I never claimed to easily defeat
      those machines. I simply stated that I was surprised at how close I and
      my friends came to their scores with our simple sticks, often matching
      them on ends and on the two closer FITA round targets even scoring much
      Your achievements with your traditional bow is admirable. An
      average in the 80's on a royal round is certainly something to be proud
      of. I wasn't bragging when I said that I normally shot in the 260's on
      the 300 round, because although I have trophied in the competition, it
      wasn't first place. First place always goes to a fellow that shoots it
      in the 280's (non Scadian). There are many archers that shoot the
      longbow far better than me. But I am good. Should you ever want to prove
      yourself with a longbow sometime, fine. But let's keep it friendly. You
      don't have to throw your money here....I don't want to take it from you.

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