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12092Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: non-traditional revisited

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  • laurnamacnear@aol.com
    Feb 6, 2003
      In a message dated 2/6/2003 10:18:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, hamberg@... writes:

      > If you are underwhelmed then let's say we shoot a few 300 rounds and make the game interesting. Say $10 a point as my lady would love another trip to New York. Let me warn you however that with my Olympic recurve you aren't going to beat me with a score in the 260s.

      > I admit that I am not as good with traditional equipment as I should be. A couple of weeks ago when it was warm enough to shoot my longbow I tried shooting a period Royal Round and FINALLY managed to shoot a "100" (usually I'm in the 80s). Not bad on SCA standards but definitely not great.

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmm seems to me that you just made his point...
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