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12070Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: non-traditional revisited

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  • jrosswebb1@webtv.net
    Feb 5, 2003
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      A very common tournament that is sponsored by mundane indoor
      ranges during the winter months here on the East Coast is sometimes
      referred to as the "300". It is shot on a solid blue,white spot
      target(approx. 40cm) at 20 yards. There are 20 ends of three shots. The
      scoring is done from the center to the outer10-9-8-7-6 corresponding to
      the rings. Indication is made on the score sheet of "x's" for breaking a
      tie score. Highest possible score is 300, hence the name. I have
      competed in many of these tournaments and have trophied in them several
      times, usually with a score in the 260's. There are divisions for
      compound, target and traditional.
      Not all tournaments make it into FITA, NAA, NFAA, IBO, NYSBH, or
      any of the other reporting institutions. IKAC is not reported to those
      governing bodies but the tournaments do exist. There are 'Muzzy" shoots,
      there are 3D tournaments, knock-a-block and many other mundane
      tournaments that are not reported to those organizations also. A friend
      of mine won the title at the Mid-West broadhead tournament several years
      ago. I like to shoot them all. I would be bored stiff if I could only
      shoot paper at fixed ranges. That's only a part of my archery
      experience. I tend to really like the 3D shoots through obstacles in a
      woods setting best, but I play at York and FITA rounds also as well as
      our SCA game. I like to think of myself as a more well rounded archer
      (no weight jokes please).
      Some of the members of the Olympic team shoot at Pro-Line Archery
      in Ozone Park in Queens, NY. I am quite familiar with them and their
      tackle, and I occassionally shoot with a group of target archers here on
      Long Island that are called "Nassau Bowmen". They usually shoot FITA
      rounds. They are both very nice groups, but I don't enjoy sharing the
      range with them because they take so darn long with each shot that I
      could comfortably get three rounds in for each of their one with very
      similar scores. We get along just fine.
      I am underwhelmed by the ability of the high-tech archers that I
      have seen shoot. They often act resentful that I and my friends hit so
      well with our "primitive equipment". Occassionally, I've gotten a few
      converts, but they don't do all that well, and often cannot even draw
      our bows. They will say that they don't really pay attention to the
      sights on their bows or the clickers, or they don't need the stabilizer,
      but once they try one of our bows and hit the floor more than they hit
      the butt, they realise that they have depended on their gadgets more
      than they thought. It's the only time I've ever really seen "target

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