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12066Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: non-traditional revisited

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  • jrosswebb1@webtv.net
    Feb 5 1:33 PM
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      Well then! Michael,
      Traditional archery is the game we play here on this list. We are
      determined to be on the side of the merits of traditional archery
      against the more modern hi-tech machinery that you often allude to. I am
      no longer an active member of the SCA due to severe mundane obligations
      and constraints, but I like to keep in touch with my fellow traditional
      archers on this list. That is why I am not a member of a list of
      compound shooters or high-tech gadgety recurve shooters (not that there
      is anything wrong with them :P), but it is a VERY different game.
      I'm not trying to knock you off of your very high horse here, but
      before you expouse the ultimate superiority of the "olympic-style"
      shooters and their ability with even our simple "stick and string"
      archery, I suggest that you come and shoot with some of the traditioal
      shooters that I am accustomed o shooting with, you may be very
      There IS a prejudice against traditional tackle, maybe you
      haven't seen it in your small neck of the woods but it does exist, to
      the point that some mundane ranges here in NY will not allow wooden
      arrows and tappered points to be used on their ranges.
      Traditional longbow archers here have commonly scored in the 280's
      on the 300 indoor shoot, acheiving a higher score than most of the
      hi-tech stabilized, trigger release, neon pin and peep sight compound
      shooters. I am certain that there are tales like that everywhere, but I
      can only address the area that I know about.
      I well understand and have shot the new hi-tech equipment and
      personally choose not to. There is no joy or art in it for me. That's
      why I like this list so much. It s all about the type of archery that I
      enjoy. From what you've written in the past, it seems that you like it
      also...and you like the other type too. That's fine. But don't try to
      sell the hi-tech to us. It's just not our game. It's kind of like
      bringing a synthesiser to an acoustic folk music gathering.

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