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12064Re: non-traditional revisited

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  • hanhebin <hamberg@fiber.net>
    Feb 5, 2003
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      > Let the modern guys try that.

      I frequently hear archers in the SCA say that they are they have
      problems with the mundane archery community but personally I have
      experienced it. I changed my major focus from SCA archery to
      shooting Olympic recurve events because of the Olympic recurve
      community. When I couldn't find a single marshal that would run an
      IKAC or Royal Round shoots, the mundane community was inviting me to
      shoot with them and DIDN'T CARE what kind of bow I shoot.

      On the other hand I ALWAYS hear archers in the SCA rip on the mundane
      archery community and it doesn't matter where I go but the lack of
      respect for mundane archers is absolutely amazing. Just because a
      mundane archery shoots an Olympic recurve or a compound bow doesn't
      mean I can't shoot a longbow or crossbow. Not being disrespectful
      here but when you consider my arrows cost between $30 and $60 an
      arrow, how many SCA archers do you think I would be willing to trust
      my equipment to?

      I'll be the first to point out that my traditional shooting skills
      are not as good as they should be because my major focus is Olympic
      recurve. Still I can shoot well and if you gave me a couple of weeks
      to practice with my traditional equipment, I would probably post 200+
      IKACs in all 4 weapon divisions. Last year at the World Archery
      Festival in Las Vegas the individual that won the unlimited flight
      division with a compound finished 8th shooting an Olympic recurve in
      the championship division. He would of finished 4th in the compound
      championship division but wasn't allowed to compete in the two
      championship divisions. Give him a traditional bow and ask him to
      shoot a Royal Round and I bet he would shoot Bowmaster or better.

      Don't make the assumption because it's a non-traditional shooter that
      they can't shoot traditional equipment.

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