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11717Re: Tackle: SCA vs. Mundane

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  • hanhebin <hamberg@fiber.net>
    Jan 1, 2003
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      >>> I don't percieve period equipment being handicapped on scoring,
      >>> when shooting against modern equipment. The difference is the
      >>> archer's skill IMHO.

      >> Perfect example of the disadvantage period equipment is Glenn
      >> Meyers who was on the 1984 Olympic Team and who I watched shoot
      >> around 1280 at this year's Arizona Cup. Barebow archers
      >> frequently shoot indoor FITA scores of 550+ where Glenn Meyers
      >> holds the US Modern Longbow record of 459.

      > As I was writing I was thinking of the SCA shooting line, not
      > mundane competitions of which I don't participate it. I may at some
      > time, participate in one. I have shot in 3D shoots that have been
      > held in the area, and rather enjoyed myself.

      Target is just a target and it doesn't matter whether it's an SCA
      shoot or not. You give the average Bowmaster or better an Olympic
      recuve (made SCA legal) and you'll see their scores improve
      regardless of the type of shoot. Modern technology has made the bows
      more accurate and it's why I appreciate seeing somebody that can
      shoot period equipment well.

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