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  • Amanda Bowen
    Dec 1, 2002
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      Greetings all,

      I'd like to start out by introducing myself. I am Galiana de Baiona from
      Stargate, Ansteorra. I have been in the SCA for a year and a half now,
      though I am unable to attend events very frequently. Having only held and
      shot a bow once or twice in my life I consider myself an extreme novice, and
      it is on that note that I'll ask the following questions.

      1. Is there a list of target archery rules floating around out there
      somewhere? I have looked at what SCA archery websites have come to my
      attention, but always seem to find requirements for combat archery. While I
      am interested in this aspect as well, I should like to start out doing only
      target archery.

      2. Are there any preferred sources for arrows and the like, preferably
      relatively inexpensive so that when I lose or break some (as I am sure I
      will do) I won't go into convulsions? I'm ignorant of the particular rules
      and specifications for target arrows (hence question one) so a merchant who
      wouldn't mind helping me in that regard would be appreciated. A rundown of
      the basic features of the arrows would help too. I've heard talk of field
      points and target points and combat points, and have begun to recognize the
      differences, but I'd be eternally grateful for a "This does this. Get

      3. I want to start out shooting longbow. (slight chuckles emanate from the
      crowd) My friend has offered to give me his longbow to start out with, as he
      does not play in the SCA and uses mainly those strange bows with the cams
      and pulleys and the laser sight for hunting, but I wanted to know if a 72"
      longbow with a 28" draw length and 30# draw weight would be overextending
      myself? I'm quite strong (so much so that when my family wants to move
      furniture they call me instead of any of my male cousins) but am not sure if
      I should really start out with something lighter. It is a Briton longbow
      from Baron Bows, if that matters.

      Thank you all ever so much for putting up with this long-winded letter. I've
      searched through the archives for information regarding the above questions,
      but thought it better to ask the experts for clarification, as it were, than
      to try to muddle through on my own and thus get the wrong information.

      Thank you again,


      ps - I'm sure I've seen a few of you on other lists that I'm on, but names
      escape me at the moment. Greetings to those I've met before.

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