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10989Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Hand shock

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  • James W. Pratt, Jr.
    Nov 9, 2002
      I have had some experience with this kind of shooting(100yard "Iron Man")
      If I have time to range in and get the wind correction, I can get 2-3 on a
      122cm face out of six. When going to speed mode the scores are less
      consistent but I still get off 5-6 arrows in 30 sec. with 1-3 on target.
      Without ranging in.... all bets are off.

      James Cunningham

      > I've always wanted to see how archers that shoot good at the point
      > blank distances we shoot in the SCA would do versus longer
      > distances. Say maybe 100 yards on a 122 cm face. I've heard of many
      > 40+ 20 yard speed round scores but wonder how that would translate
      > versus an archer that got just 3 or 4 good shots off considering a
      > longer distance.
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