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10982Re: Hand shock

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  • hanhebin
    Nov 7, 2002
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      > Remind my in March or April and I will let you kmow how mine turned
      > out. I plan to shoot at 40 , 60, and 80 yds with a 122 cm target.
      > May move to 100 yds just for fun.

      The further out the better because I have noticed that with a fully
      loaded Olympic recurve that even the slightest error is greatly
      magnified. I think a person shooting 3 or 4 good shots in 30 seconds
      at 100 yards will consistantly out score somebody shooting 10 arrows
      in that same period.

      I have hard data to back that up with execpt being familar with
      losing ACEs or X10s because I goof a 90 meter shot. With arrows
      costing between $30 and $60 a piece, you tend to remember each miss
      and what you did wrong. With knowing "MY MISTAKES" can't see a person
      shooting good enough to consitantly hit more a couple of arrows
      firing at a 10 arrow pace.

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