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10359Re: Archery Laurel requirements?

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  • dateyukiie
    Sep 10 10:19 AM
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      > How about going for the period look. A slate and chalk.

      On the back of the slate you could paint neatly a few common
      phrases that anyone in a teaching position might use, such as
      "stand with your feet wider" - "hold the string closer to your
      cheek" - "relax" - "Please don't shoot my Knight" etc. I', sure you
      get the idea. A running list could be gathered, and then if you are
      assisting someone, you could flip the slate and point to a phrase
      and smile...it could save an awfull lot of writing in the long run...
      Just a thought

      Yama Kaminari no Date Saburou Yukiie
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