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1030RE: Speed rounds

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  • KC
    Nov 1, 1999
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      Plachoya Sobaka,

      Shooting two arrows is not bending the rules. Also shooting two arrows does
      not garintee a higher score but does increase the likly hood of a higher
      score (one arrow 5 points max 2 arrows 10 points max). My limited experince
      is that the ferther out you are the less likly you are to gain from
      shooting two or more arrows at a time.

      I feel that the original intent of the speed shoot was to improve load and
      shoot performance. Loading and shooting more than one arrow at a time is
      contrary to this intent. If you want to shoot any other way, I am sure
      that there are lots of ways to justify it. However, I don't feel that it
      is in the spirit of the speed shoot and I see no honor in it.


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