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1029Royal/Speed rounds

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  • archer3@xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    Nov 1, 1999
      In the Outlands when explaining the rules of the speed round it is
      always emphasized,"as many arrows as one may _accurately_ loose in 30
      seconds". There is no prohibition beyond demonstrating that one can
      safely and accurately loose two arrows at one time. I don't see this as
      bending the rules to one's advantage. Rather the demonstration of a
      skill few of us will ever master let alone attempt.
      In regards to Royal rounds. At any event where there is a full archery
      schedule Royal rounds are almost always one of the shoots. The rest of
      the day is period and novelty shoots. In some cases there may be only
      one shoot, a Royal round. They are still a good learning tool and an
      integral part of archery in the SCA. They are not going to go away.
      In my experience the majority of the new archers that show enthusiasm
      are willing to try any shoot, and still want to achieve ranking via
      Royal rounds. Is this deifying Royal rounds? I don't think so. I
      remember the day I made Forrester in period div. The feeling was one of
      self pride in my accomplishment. Then I broke out my flu flus for the
      next shoot......

      Damian >>~~~>
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