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10255Re: Archery Laurel requirements?

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  • brennin2
    Sep 4 5:47 AM
      > I have been asking about what is shooting well enough to be
      > considered Laurel quality and I have never been abilty to get an
      > answer. Can somebody define this for a new archer?
      > Harold

      Harold, I have been reading through the threads on this issue and
      have come to the following conclusion. Your score at shooting is
      only a part of being granted a Laurel. It does not matter if you
      rank with a 100 point on Royal Rounds, or a 30. It is what you do
      with the knowledge you possess in the Art of Archery. While a
      higher "average" will tend to add more weight to your consideration
      for a Laurel, if you do not have other mitigating factors you would
      still not be eligable for a Laurel. In plain speak, there is
      no "shooting well enough to be considered Laurel quality" Brennin
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