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10234Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Midrealm ignoring the IKAC?

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  • Siegfried Sebastian Faust
    Sep 5, 2002
      At 09:42 AM 9/5/2002 +0000, detomamd wrote:
      >Actually, that is not really true. We have been running ahead of last
      >year at this time (disk drive crashes notwhithstanding) with total
      >number of scores submitted (the number of individual archers are a
      >bit less at this point). It's just that the distribution is different
      >this year, with some Kingdoms which had not been active last year
      >being more active, and vice versa. Submissions from Mid and An Tir,
      >for example, are less. Atlantia, West, East and Meridies are ahead.
      >Outlands is a bit behind, but that will pick up this month.

      Hrmmm, well I was looking at number of people submitted ... and I tend to
      mostly just look at Crossbows ...
      Last year: open/period = 41/25
      This year so far: = 14/14

      Given the 'summer shooting season' is winding down, that just seems to be a
      little bit light compared to last year.

      >However, the lack of submissions for the IKCAC continues to be of
      >concern to me.

      Doesn't concern me at all, because Atlantia is winning *grin*

      -- Nope, no other kingdoms need shoot, just let Atlantia win, don't mind us --

      (Who wonders if he has now inspired anyone to go IKCAC shooting?)

      Lord Siegfried Sebastian Faust Baronial Web Minister & Archery Marshal
      Barony of Highland Foorde http://highland-foorde.atlantia.sca.org/
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