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1003RE: Archery Scoring( Long reply)

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  • Yaakov or Ralph
    Oct 31 3:08 PM
      Greetings to all on this list,

      Well let me be next Ludicrous to make comments on the ranking system of
      archery and how an archer is perceived. This will strictly be my opinion and
      lot looking for heated debate.

      For these of you who don't know me, I am Lord Yaakov Avrham ben Obadiah,
      Ludicrous Bowman of the Knowne World that lives in the Kingdom of the East
      in the Barony of the Bridge. I have been evolved as an archer for 3 years
      now with the SCA and I had set some goals for myself. The day I made Master
      Bowman was one of the most honored days to remember till I went to Pennsic
      that year. That war season I made Grand Master and was awarded at Pennsic
      XXVII in East Kingdom court. What does all this mean, I can shoot a target
      real good and then there is always the rank of Ludicrous Bowman.

      This past Pennsic I was given the honor of being presented in Great Court.
      It was a very emotional experience. I was standing with the good folks whom
      I call Peers. To have the opportunity to shoot with such Lords of the Knowne
      World would only make me a better archer. During the Champions shoot I had
      the chance to shoot against 3 other Ludicrous Bowman and to me it wasn't
      about winning or loosing.

      Everyone that competes in any archery tournament is a champion in my eyes.
      You are promoting the art and skill that you love. But one of things that I
      have learned of the years, is to be calm and stay relaxed and you will
      perform at your best. So I go in to shoot with the who cares about winning
      attitude. If someone comes to me and says it was fun to shoot with you,
      that's all the thanks I need to be a winner. So what does all this lead to,
      is simple really.

      There are two types of archers, there are target archers and the tournament
      archers. There are a few that excel at both but those are a rare breed. To
      rank a target archer is easy, look at the royal round list for the Kingdom.
      I feel that the list that is published needs to be expanded to state what
      type bow is being used for that average. I would like to see it broken down
      this way.

      For hand bowman
      Rank, SCA Name, Location, Long Bow, Recurve, Adv.

      For crossbowmen
      Rank, SCA Name, Location, Sited (y/n), Adv.

      Its more work for the Kingdom score keeper than maybe they want. To see this
      sort of list gives a better perspective on how people are doing at royal
      rounds. You will also see some of us that would be on the list 2 or 3 times.
      I know a few people that shoot 3 royal rounds, each with a different bow
      (I'm guilty). So this leads us to those whom compete, and think that is all
      of us.

      I have seen some archers that do real well at shoots at smaller events and
      don't do as well at a high profiled one. This doesn't mean, there not
      competitive, they are. To shoot well at a high profile shoot takes
      experience and learning from the past events. I compete at K&Q Archery and
      make the final, the pressure is there and this year I did well but never
      achieved the end result. I made an error that I haven't done in a long
      while, I treated the final round as a speed shoot and blew it. It was still
      a fun shoot and I learned from it. One thing I am guilty of far to much is
      to have a liquid with me so I don't dehydrate.

      Being prepared for the shoot is the most important part of being an archer
      to me and I do a poor job sometimes. I still haven't learned from my
      mistakes but I am getting better. So there is a lot here that I had to say,
      some of topic that I felt relevant, most how I feel about the ranking
      system. I closing thought, I like the fact that the Ludicrous isn't an
      official rank with the exception of An Tir and hope it stays that way.

      Lord Yaakov Avraham ben Obadiah
      (Silly) Ludicrous Bowman of the Knowne World
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