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1001Re: Archery Scoring( Long reply)

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  • Bob & Nancy Upson
    Oct 31, 1999
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      > >An Tir has apparently been clueless enough to make the Ludicrous
      > >Bowman an official ranking. Allegedly it carries a _Grant_. Bozos.
      > This particular statement finally got to me. Yes, AnTir has made the 120+
      > Royal Round average an official ranking, with the title "Ludicrous Bowman."
      > No, the rank does not carry a Grant, anymore than Apprentice Archer or any
      > other rank. To state this, when the veracity of the information is readily
      > available, shows irresponsibility and laziness on the part of the author.

      The statement says, "allegedly." Look it up. I've heard comments
      from credible people to that effect or I wouldn't have mentioned it at
      all. As for "irresponsibility and laziness," well Andrass, let's just
      say I'll take your comments under advisement for what they are

      > And then to follow it with a derogatory remark that blankets an entire
      > Kingdom, reduces the author to mere boorishness. Shame on you!

      I'll stand my my assessment. If the people of An Tir -- particularly
      the archers -- are clueless enough to allow their Crown to make
      "Ludicrous Bowman" an official rank, I can't see that they have
      much of a position to throw stones.

      > The making a new rank was simply the acknowledgment that such scores could be
      > accomplished. The precedent lay with the creating of the rank "Grandmaster,"
      > which followed "Master," when someone demonstrated ability in the Royal Round
      > equal to these designations. Nothing more, nothing less.

      So find a better name. "Ludicrous" was meant as a joke.
      Adopting it as "official" demonstrates, at best, a lack of imagination.

      > I have a Grant level award, called in AnTir the Jambe de Lion, which is an
      > arts and sciences award for excellence in a given endeavor. I received mine
      > for excellence in archery, as measured, not only by the Royal Round, but
      > combat archery, teaching, manufacture of archery related equipment, promotion
      > of archery....I was also recently invited into the Order of the Grey Goose
      > Shaft, AnTir's highest archery specific award, based largely (but not limited
      > to), the things referenced above. Both awards were based on recognition of
      > excellence, not RR scores.

      You're too humble, Andrass, don't forget your proposal for An Tir
      Rangers. I'm told that you, and nobody else, would instantly
      qualify if such a proposal was adopted.

      > At Pennsic this year I shot with the East Kingdom Champions Team, and met

      Thank heavens I didn't this year. Your brilliance might have been a
      distraction. It's a shame that politics encourages Kings to invite
      out-kingdom archers onto the team.

      > Rather than denigrating the effort it takes to achieve such scoring, remember
      > the effort that comprises your own individual excellence and realize that we
      > all are trying to be our best - whatever the standard of measurement.

      I don't recall ever denigrating your effort or any other LB's. I believe
      I clearly denigrated your _kingdom_ for losing sight of the SCA's
      mandate and by being distracted by mundane paper punching.

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