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tonight's Meetup at the Franklin Center

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  • Susan Epstein
    Tonight s Santa Barbara Progressive Coalition will include some important discussions and great ways to get involved. See the agenda below. The Meetup will
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
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      Tonight's Santa Barbara Progressive Coalition will include some important discussions and great ways to get involved.  See the agenda below.  The Meetup will take place at the Franklin Center at 1136 E. Montecito Street (if you received a message from Meetup.com listing a different location, please ignore that).  Please bring a friend!


      - The Meetup will start on time at 7:00 and end on time at 9:00.  If you are unable to arrive by 7:00, please come anyway, check the materials at the sign-in table, enter quietly, and then join right in.


      - Some people attend the Meetup for the social aspect of chatting with other like-minded folks.  You can arrive starting at 6:45 and chat until 7:00.  You can also stay after 9:00 for mingling and chatting.


      - If you want to make a presentation or an announcement, there will be two sign-up posters:  One sign-up poster will be for announcements of events or other similar information.  Those announcements need to be under 2 minutes.  The other sign-up poster will be to lead an action project during the Meetup.  Action projects are 30 minutes and take place when we break into small groups.  Your presentation to the full group about the action project needs to be under 3 minutes.  Please sign up for either a presentation or an announcement prior to the Meetup (by arriving early or by sending an email message to susan@... ).    


      Here's the proposed agenda for tonight's Meetup (June 2):




      7:10Progressive News Update – national and local victories and challenges of the past month


      7:15 – Brief report by three people who attended the recent Campaign 101 Training in Los Angeles presented by 21st Century Democrats and Democracy for America


      7:20Small group discussions.  Each breakout group will have a different topic.  Each person can choose which discussion to participate in:

      ·    How can progressives influence the Kerry Campaign and a future Kerry Administration?  (This group may decide to define "progressive" in this context, and/or to brainstorm specific ways to participate in the presidential campaign, etc.)

      ·    How can we help take back Congress?  (This group may decide to brainstorm specific ways to support California or national Congressional candidates, and/or to write letters to the editor on behalf of specific election issues, etc.)

      ·    What should Santa Barbara County do about the lack of affordable housing, while balancing environmental interests?

      ·    What kind of leadership positions should there be within the Santa Barbara Progressive Coalition, and what kind of working committees might we form to advance the progressive movement?


      7:50 – Each breakout group will present to the full group a summary of their group's discussion


      8:00 – Representatives of local organizations and local candidates will present an action project idea


      8:10You Choose, You Act!  Action project breakout groups may include:

      ·        Voter registration plans

      ·        Organizing neighborhood gatherings (house parties, meetings)

      ·        Letter-writing to swing-state voters

      ·        Letter-writing to elected officials on an issue

      ·        Writing letters to the editor on an issue


      8:40 – Upcoming local events and announcements


      8:50How to Take Back Your Country: sign ups for Progressive Coalition committees and leadership roles


      8:59¡ Hasta la vista !

      Meetup hosts welcome any feedback.


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