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ACTION ALERT:Sacramento Bee endorses McPherson For Secretary of State; give to Debra Bowen's campaign

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  • Blue's Mom
    This endorsement is outrageous! Please go to Debra s website and contribute whatever you can. This race is crucial. If you want to ensure that your vote
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      This endorsement is outrageous!  Please go to Debra's website and contribute whatever you can.  This race is crucial.  If you want to ensure that your vote will count, you need to help Debra.  Her website is:  www.debrabowen.com If everyone who gets this email gave even $5, we'd raise a heck of a lot of money!!! 
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      Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 10:13 AM
      Subject: [CA4Democracy] Action Alert: Bee Endorses McPherson For SOS: Write a letter to the editor NOW!!

      Hi all:
      Below is the email that I sent to our group.  Most of you won't need to address the Lungren endorsement (although Bill Durston is a far superior candidate!), but the Bee's endorsement of McPherson is outrageous!

      OK, first the Bee endorses Lungren, and now McPherson.  The McClatchy Group continues their right-wing slant.  We must respond to this outrageous endorsement!! 
      Editorial: McPherson's the choice for secretary of state
      (you can also leave a comment there as I did)
      You can send your letter to the editor via their website:
      Or send an email directly to the following people:
      David Holwerk - Editorial Pages Editor - (916) 321-1851
      E-mail: dholwerk@...

      Maria Henson - Deputy Editorial Page Editor - (916) 321-1907
      E-mail: mhenson@...

      Bill Moore - Letters Editor - (916) 321-1905
      E-mail: bmoore@...

      Jewel Reilly - Commentary Page Editor - (916) 321-1913
      E-mail: jreilly@...

      Amy Chance - Political Editor - (916) 326-5535
      E-mail: achance@...

      Gary Reed - Forum Editor - (916) 321-1909
      E-mail: greed@...
      As always, the Bee contact info can be found here:
      Thanks as always for your help.
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      Hello Bowen Supporters--

      Scroll down to see that the Sacramento Bee has endorsed McPherson.

      This represents a long history of misguided decision-making and by reading their logic for their decision, I see that they're not a bees, they're a weasels! They know better. . . . Very disturbing.

      Also, this continued ploy to scapegoating Shelley is not only growing very tiresome, it's blatantly wrong and they know it. NO charges ever stuck against Shelley because time is proving what many of us always suspected, it was a smear campaign. There was a whole lot of smoke and NO fire.

      And it was because of papers like the Bee that there was so much "chaos" as they describe it. They are responsible for fanning the smoke without doing any investigation to get at the facts of the matter. Me, as an average citizen, went to the hearings, and I know more of what the facts were than the unsubstantiated hearsay that they reported. For example the Bee had headlines like, "Shelley Misspent HAVA Millions" when there were HAVA millions and Shelley misspent on under $2,000. Or if you buy that he wrongfully spent money on notifying citizens about their right to a paper ballot by way of an absentee ballot, then number is, I believe, around $150,000. Yet McPherson could have fought to get that number down because it turns out Shelley did coordinate this postal campaign effort with the counties, but McPherson didn't bother to do it because it wasn't politically advantageous. Though if we agree with that definition of mismanaged funds, then it is McPherson who truly is responsible for the mismanagement of MULTI-millions of HAVA funds by allowing for the purchase of documented defective Diebold voting equipment.

      We all need to blast this, and I'd like to think of how to counter this, so that other papers do not follow suit.

      They're counting on people not knowing the truth.

      #: ) Sherry

      On Sunday, October 1, 2006, at 07:14 AM, Evan Goldberg wrote:

      Editorial: McPherson's the choice for secretary of state

      Published 12:00 am PDT Sunday, October 1, 2006

      In many years, the race for California secretary of state is, frankly, not especially important. But that's not the case this year. To see why, a bit of history is useful.

      The secretary of state is California's chief election official. Since the 2000 presidential election, county elections officials in California have struggled to meet complicated new federal and state requirements for voting machines. County registrars, who actually run the elections, were forced to jettison discredited punch-card systems before replacement voting machines were adequately tested. As soon as some counties purchased new systems, the Legislature or the secretary of state changed the rules.

      Machines that were OK one day were deemed unacceptable the next. Modifications and new procedures were decreed almost monthly. Meanwhile, elections rolled on relentlessly. Registrars had to conduct them in the face of very tight deadlines, ever changing rules and in an atmosphere of extreme distrust. Fierce opponents of electronic balloting challenged every decision.

      For democracy to function, government must provide voting systems that are convenient and easy to use; accessible to the blind and those with other disabilities; functional in many languages; and secure from fraud. And a skeptical electorate must trust that the machines will record and count their votes accurately. All of which makes it imperative that the secretary of state work cooperatively with county registrars. Secretary of State Bruce McPherson is the candidate most able to do that.

      Appointed early in 2005 after former Secretary of State Kevin Shelley resigned under fire, McPherson has restored integrity, civility and order to an office that had descended into chaos under Shelley.

      McPherson is a centrist Republican and former legislator. His former colleagues, most of whom are Democrats, unanimously confirmed his appointment. That's strong evidence of his bipartisanship. In his new post he has worked hard to repair the office's battered relationships with county registrars.

      While the case for McPherson is strong, this race is a close call. McPherson's Democratic opponent, state Sen. Debra Bowen, D-Redondo Beach, is smart and articulate. She successfully authored legislation to place state bill information and committee analyses on the Internet. She also wrote the law that put state agencies' public documents online, all important reforms.

      Unfortunately, county registrars complain that her aggressive demeanor as chair of the Senate Elections, Reapportionment and Constitutional Amendment Committee has created tensions rather than building the collaboration and trust that are essential between state and county elections officials. Nonetheless, Bowen is a strong candidate and capable of doing a good job in this office.

      For us, the choice in the end comes down to continuity and stability. This is an office that has gone through too many changes in recent years. A third change in leadership in the state's top elections office in less than three years would be disruptive at a time when the state can't afford disruptions.

      McPherson has the experience, the temperament and the trust of local elections officials that are necessary to do this important job. Those qualities should give him the edge with voters in this unusually important election.

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