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FW: Update from Kern

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  • Jon Williams
    Hi all, Just wanted to share a note that arrived in my email box this morning. Text follows. Very inspiring. I ll be out of town but please try to attend
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2005
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      Hi all,


      Just wanted to share a note that arrived in my email box this morning. Text follows. Very inspiring.


      I’ll be out of town but please try to attend Wednesday’s meeting at the Franklin Center. Brian Olson is running the show and we have a number of important things to share with you, including info on the Housing Trust Fund of Santa Barbara, the Pro-Choice Alliance’s upcoming “Great American Write In,” an update on the parent notification proposal, Prop 73, and a report on the Democratic Service Club’s campaign to defeat all the anti-democratic (small d) proposals in Arnold’s special election.


      Check out the letter from Helen Acosta below…


      Jon Williams

      Santa Barbara Progressive Coalition
      Meets 7pm on 1st Wednesday every month
      Franklin Neighborhood Community Center
      1136 E. Montecito St. in Santa Barbara


      (805) 565-9789






      Sorry we haven't kept in touch but we've been a little too busy getting organized for the Special Election. 


      The Kern County Demcoratic Central Committee has had great leadership from Al Wagner, Duane Moore and Candi Easter to build a Kern Alliance for a Better California.  We've had three meetings since June and we've brought together public and private employee unions in West Kern to organize:


       -a Labor day picnic

       -simple message: Vote No on Nov 8

       -phone banks/precinct walking


      In August we'll branch these efforts out to East Kern and hopefully, by the beginning of September the entire county will be organized.


      On top of all of this we are collecting petition signatures for our Kern County Sludge Ban initiative introduced by Senator Florez for 2006.  This bi-partisan effort is supported by all of our legislators and is VERY popular here. The last two weekends I have worked petition tables and I've been surprised by the number of people who come up to sign (both Democrats and Republicans--we don't have to stalk them in front of the stores--they actually come up to the table!)--the first weekend we even had someone stop her car to get out and sign the petition when she saw our booth. For more info on our Sludge Ban initiative go to: http://www.keepkernclean.com/


      Just thought you'd like the update.


      Looking forward to the Red/Blue Summit.




      Helen Acosta

      President, Democratic Women of Kern

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