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  • Marian Shapiro
    Hello dear progressives and board members, By now I hope you have all sent your mailing lists the notice about George Lakoff speaking here in Santa Barbara on
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
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      Hello dear progressives and board members,
      By now I hope you have all sent your mailing lists the notice about
      George Lakoff speaking here in Santa Barbara on Friday evening March
      11. I got one or two of my emails back, so if you didn't get the first
      notice, please let me know. I'll attach it at the end of this note

      Now to answer the most frequent question I get. No, we cannot get
      anyone advance tickets. I'm very sorry about it, but we are not set up
      for that. If you want to be very sure to get in, I'd suggest coming
      when the box office opens at 5:45. You can put your coat on your seat
      and then run out and get a quick bite downtown and get back well before
      7. Or bring a book, or buy one there! We plan to start promptly at 7.

      One thing I missed telling you in the first announcement is that "A
      Conversation with George Lakoff" is sponsored by The Independent!!!
      Viva el Indy!!! Aren't they great?
      OK Here is the full announcement to send on, if you would.
      The hottest speaker in the country in progressive circles
      will be coming to Santa Barbara!!!

      "A Conversation with George Lakoff"
      (author of "Don't Think of an Elephant")
      Lakoff will speak here in Santa Barbara
      on Friday Mar. 11 at 7:00 pm at Victoria Hall,
      sponsored by The Independent.

      First come - first served. There is LIMITED SEATING, so
      come early. Ticket office will open at 5:45. We will start promptly
      at 7:00.
      General Admission………….$15 Students & Seniors……… $10
      $10 for a copy of Lakoff's book “Don’t Think Of An Elephant.”
      $15 for Lakoff's highly instructive DVD
      Book signing to follow the "Conversation with George Lakoff."

      For those who don't yet know George Lakoff, he is a Berkeley professor,
      a cognitive linguist, and a brilliant researcher of how and why
      conservatives have been winning the battle of communicating values
      effectively. He is also founder of the influential Rockridge Institute.

      In his foreword to Lakoff's book, Howard Dean writes, "If only the
      Democrats had read George Lakoff a few years ago, we might not be in
      the position we find ourselves in today: out of power in the White
      House, out of power in Congress, and out of power in the Courts."

      Lakoff is teaching progressives how to frame issues effectively to
      communicate our values, while avoiding using language and code words
      that communicate conservative values. Conservatives have been doing
      well in this arena for the past 40 years, but Lakoff contends
      progressives can catch up quickly once we learn about framing the
      issues from our perspective.

      It is critical that we cease our political angst and hand-wringing
      brought on by the recent election. Progressives need to focus on
      winning; winning by understanding our core values with great clarity
      and expressing them throughout our social policies with compelling,
      confident and passionate language.

      Lakoff has been working with the Democratic Congress and Senate, as
      well as with the State Democratic Assembly. Because he makes very
      limited appearances, this is a rare opportunity to see him.

      The first Lakoff Workshop to teach about framing and communicating our
      values was hosted by the Progressive Coalition Meet-up in Santa Barbara
      on Feb.2. It was huge success, and we plan to have more training

      According to Howard Dean, "George Lakoff will be one of the most
      influential political thinkers of the progressive movement when the
      history of this century is written."

      This is VERY important material. You won't want to miss this
      opportunity to hear and learn from George Lakoff. He will engage the
      audience in conversation, so bring your curiosity and questions.

      For further information, call Marian Shapiro 968-0478 If you'd like to
      get his book to read BEFORE the event, I have a few left at a
      discounted price. Give me a ring.
      marianshapiro@... Here is the flyer you can print off. First copy
      and paste into a WORD document, I suggest. Or call me to get a few
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