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Hartmann on Reaganism/Austerity

Dear Friend, You may be familiar with the progressive radio talk show host Thom Hartmann. He's a national treasure whose been presenting critical information
Edward Bear
12:31 PM

Re: [DFA-NorCal] I just unsubscribed

Thank you for this! I receive a ton of their emails as well. Unsubscribing with a quickness. Paz aaron ... Aaron E. de Santiago Jones, M.A. Assistant
Aaron Jones
Jun 29

Re: [DFA-NorCal] Christian Bakers [1 Attachment]

Thought for the day! From: mailto:DFA-NorCal-noreply@yahoogroups.com Sent: Saturday, June 27, 2015 4:39 PM To: DFA NorCal Group Subject: [DFA-NorCal] Christian
    Jun 28
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    [DFA-NorCal] I just unsubscribed

    FYI from a friend who does a great job of sifting through fact or fiction! Barbie ... From: Judy Bertelsen jbert@... [DFA-NorCal] Sent: Sunday, June 28,
    Jun 28

    Elizabeth Warren's TPP Editorial

    Dear Friend, A clear case for rejecting the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) was made by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in an editorial in the Boston
    Edward Bear
    Jun 24

    TPP News

    Dear Friend, I'm not feeling too well today because the first thing I saw this morning was a New York Times Breaking News Alert that read: BREAKING NEWS Senate
    Edward Bear
    Jun 23

    Fwd: Popular Resistance Newsletter

    Dear Friend, Among the many websites I subscribe to, I find Popular Resistance to be one of the most astute and compelling. Popular Resistance was created by
    Edward Bear
    Jun 22

    Historic News Day

    Dear Friend, Yesterday, June 18, 2015, was a historic news day. There were unusually important stories in the news regarding the world and the nation. I
    Edward Bear
    Jun 19

    Santa Barbara, Vigil: Take Action for Charleston- TODAY

    From: The Fund for Santa Barbara Date: Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 12:39 PM Subject: Take Action for Charleston- TODAY *TAKE ACTION*
    Dorinda Moreno
    Jun 19

    Bombing the Affordable Care Act

    Dear Friend, If you're a caring person, you'll want to read this article about the upcoming Supreme Court decision that will support or deny subsidies for the
    Edward Bear
    Jun 18

    replace Con Ed!!

    We are getting charged twice what we would pay if electric were a public utility!! Dick Mazess
    Richard Mazess
    Jun 14

    1pm re-lighting UCSB Eternal Peace Flame - Sun14June Flag Day Nation

    Chumash Firekeeper to relight UCSB Eternal Flame, 1pm this Sunday in global peace prayer ceremony, Chancellor offers well wishes. Flag Day National Climate
    David C Williams
    Jun 12

    La Raza Archives: La Raza Silkscreen Center / La Raza Graphics Cente

    *​Congratulations for keeping our history and archives alive!!! Thanks to All who have served throughout the years:Peter Gallegos, Linda Lucero, * *María X
    Dorinda Moreno
    Jun 11

    Officials: Cost to clean oiled Santa Barbara beaches exceeds $60 mil

    L.A. Now California: This just in LOCAL L.A. Now
    Dorinda Moreno
    Jun 10

    Positive News

    Dear Friend, Some brighter spots in the news: Residents of Denton, Texas passed a law banning fracking within its city limits. Then the Texas state
    Edward Bear
    Jun 4
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