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PNPC Srg. Zeet Tidari - My my... how clumsy of me. Behold my faux-innocent whistle! (fixed)

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  • David Adams
    (( OOC: Sorry about the length, folks! )) (( OOC2: AAaaand hit send just a little too early. Whops! Fixed it. )) It is forbidden to kill; therefore all
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2011
      (( OOC: Sorry about the length, folks! ))

      (( OOC2: AAaaand hit 'send' just a little too early. Whops! Fixed it. ))

      "It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they
      kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets."

      - Voltaire

      (( Outside the Arboretum, Bilire VI, in the early evening ))

      Kadosh: ::gives a grunted laugh:: Well, you're going to make me paranoid
      now. Let's just try to take care of this boy for now before we go on to
      chase ghosts.

      ::Returning to the fallen Romulan, he nodded.::

      Zeet: Probably broke his arm, there. I don't want to move him too
      much...could have spinal damage from that height, and how fast he passed

      Kadosh: ::nods:: Fortunately, the scan reveals no major cranial trauma or
      broken vertebrae. I think he just suffered a vasovagal syncope. We can take
      care of the arm here, but we should probably check in with the medical team.

      Zeet: Agreed- you call 'em in, I'll keep an eye on him...

      Kadosh: ::taps her combadge:: =/\= Kadosh to Lieutenant Shah =/\=

      Shah: =/\= Yes, lieutenant, go ahead. What is your status? =/\=

      Kadosh: =/\= Sir, Sergeant Zeet and I have encountered a Romulan boy who's
      injured himself after falling from a tree. It doesn't look too worrisome,
      but I wanted to know if you wished for us to return to the hospital? =/\=

      Shah: =/\= As you saw yourself earlier, lieutenant, to call this facility a
      hospital is stretching the definition of that term rather generously. If you
      think you can handle the situation out there, I would not waste the time and
      effort to walk all the way back here. Have you taken care of the request by
      the Romulan scientist? =/\=

      :: Zeet had to agree, despite it all. It was more of a triage facility...
      and even that was being charitable. ::

      Kadosh: =/\= Not yet. That will also take some additional help from
      engineering; however, I'm not sure when it will arrive. =/\=

      Shah: =/\= Very well. Do you have a safe place to rest for the night while
      you take care of your patient and wait? =/\=

      ::Ayelet looked around again at the dark buildings near the
      arboretum...safe? It almost seemed safer to stay outside.::

      Kadosh: =/\= Um, I think we'll be all right for now. =/\=

      Shah: =/\= The hospital is secure, so I'm going to send Ensign Hsu to bring
      some supplies and accompany you and the sergeant. =/\=

      ::The human grinned at the Caitian, but Zeet raised an eyeridge curiously.
      Supplies? Another Ensign? Hmmph. Perhaps they didn't think he could do the
      job. .::

      Kadosh: =/\= Understood. =/\=

      ::The head nurse closed the channel on the other end. Ayelet looked back
      to Zeet.::

      Zeet: Ensign Hsu, huh? Mmmph.

      :: He didn't seem entirely thrilled with the idea, although eventually
      security officer Ensign Franklin Hsu joined them.::

      Kadosh: Finally.

      ::The other human officer handed over some bags to the others.::

      Hsu: Sorry abut the delay. You don't want to be walking by yourself at night
      here while carrying anything, that's for sure! Some damn teenagers tried to
      rob me a few kilometers from here, if you can believe it! They sure know how
      to raise them, eh?

      :: Frowning, Zeet blinked at that news. ::

      Zeet: Rob...? You're okay, right?

      :: It seemed he was. They set to work setting up a form of "camp site"
      between two of the abandoned buildings. Zeet felt fairly alert, still, but
      Ayelet looked quite exhausted.... at least, from what he could tell working
      a little distance away. Zeet struggled with the SIMS beacon, but was sure
      he'd finally got it right. .::

      Kadosh: All set?

      :: The Caitian gave it an experimental wack. ::

      Zeet: Yep. 94% sure it's totally right.

      :: He grinned, but Ayelet slapped a bloodsucking insect that had landed on
      her neck. ::

      Kadosh: You can probably turn it off now. It just seems to attract them.

      :: Chuckling, the Caitan did just that. ::

      Zeet: I think they just love your blood, Ayelet. Something about it being
      terribly sweet...

      :: Ensign Hsu returned from the perimeter of the camp. Zeet watched him come
      in with yellow eyes, whiskers twitching. ::

      Zeet: oO Hey, I'm clumsily flirting here! Oo

      Hsu: All right, I've set up the proximity sensors. If anything comes within
      shooting range, we'll know.

      Kadosh: I can't say I feel that relieved.

      Zeet: Me either. Still... we need to rest.

      ::The need to sleep, however, outweighed fear, and soon, the trio were fast

      (( Dreamscape ))

      :: Zeet took a deep breath, dragging in the air of Cait with a satisfied
      grin stamped on his face. Yes, yes. This would be entirely adequate. The
      long grass of his homeland gave off all manner of pleasant scents, mixing in
      with the cool night air. It was another night like many... ::

      :: He grew up in a particularly beautiful area of Cait, where long grasses
      were plentiful. It was a sprawling metropolis now, but it still found space
      and time for the simpler things. Including bountiful long grasses, which
      were great to just stretch out in... and the sun! The sun, bright and red,
      always shone... ::

      :: But soon the dreams turned to memories, and the memories were far less
      pretty. ::

      (( Memory within the dream: Zama Beach, Praxi VI, 2383 ))

      :: They say that by the 24th century humanity had forgotten how to make war.
      They say that all the Federation's endeavors are peaceful and that starships
      set sail for scientific exploration, that phasers and photon torpedoes are
      merely relics designed to allow the giant flying cities which we call
      Galaxy, Sovereign, Akira and Prometheus-class starships to defend themselves
      against the occasional, rare, malcontent who would harm them. ::

      :: Nobody who served at Praxi VI ever said that mankind had forgotten war.

      :: The Starfleet Marine Corps 3rd Battallion, 8th Marines were tasked with
      taking Zama Beach on Praxi VI. It was not truly a beach in the sense that it
      was not a place where water reached the land- instead, the unique ionic
      residue in the atmosphere of Praxi VI meant that there were only four places
      on the whole planet that a successful transport was possible, each the eye
      of a vast, continent sized hurricane. In a sense, each tempest was the
      'beach' for the planet into the rest of space. ::

      :: Each storm was given a name; Juro, Mikki, Flarum and Zama. ::

      :: The Gorn had been expected to make their big push on Flarum Beach, but
      Starfleet Intelligence had been in error. Instead, they made their landings
      on Zama Beach. The defenders had put up an exceptional struggle, far removed
      from the enlightened sensibilities of the Federation. It was now the forth
      week of the invasion. The Marines defending Zama were sleep deprived,
      covered in mud, soaked from head to foot on a constant basis and
      malnourished. ::

      :: But Praxi VI, if taken, would be a fortress for the Gorn. They would push
      through the Ithassa region and, from there... who knew. They would annex a
      vast stretch of territory which would be impossible for the Federation to
      retake. ::

      :: Marine Private Zeet Tidari, currently just a private, along with his
      squad were tasked with holding Hill Sixty Six. So far, despite significant
      casualties... mission accomplished. ::

      :: Zeet, serving as a support gunner, watched as Gorn disrupter blasts
      splashed against the armoured bunker below him. In a nearby trench he saw
      the dark outlines Brockton and Radi huddled together for warmth. This was
      not a byproduct of their romantic entanglement, merely a simple survival
      mechanism. The temperature regularly fluctuated between five and ten
      degrees Celsius and, given how frequently they were wet, death from
      hypothermia was a constant threat. ::

      :: had spotted something in the gloom of nightfall. His night vision far
      exceeded most humanoids and this proved a useful ability in the constant,
      inky blackness of Praxi VI's perpetual night. ::

      Zeet: Contact! Eleven o'clock, two hundred meters!

      :: Gorn disrupter blasts splashed against the armoured bunker below him.
      Below him, Brockton and Radi huddled together for warmth. This was not a
      byproduct of their romantic entanglement, merely a simple survival
      mechanism. The temperature regularly fluctuated between five and ten
      degrees Celsius and, given how frequently they were wet, death from
      hypothermia was a constant threat. ::

      :: Brockton and Radi tiredly snatched up their phaser rifles, propping them
      against the rain soaked battlement. Judging by their hesitancy, Zeet guessed
      it was too dark for them to see. Instead, Zeet light up the night for them.
      The 'chuf-chuf-chuf-chuf' of his heavy support phaser, firing quick bursts,
      sprang into guttural retort above and behind them, spraying waves of bright
      yellow bolts into the perpetual night of the tempest-lashed muddy hell.
      Several bolts found purchase on mud, one blasting the rotten remains of a
      tree trunk to atoms, the others flying off into the thick stormy blanket of
      the sky. ::

      :: As Zeet expected, counter-battery fire began to fire up- green pinpricks
      of light in the distance, like little tiny stars, turned into beams that
      leaped towards their position like the grasping fingers of a giant seeking
      to grasp and crush them. ::

      :: Now with a point of reference, Zeet watched as Rais squeezed off several
      shots with his phaser rifle. The shots vanished into the night, hitting
      targets far to distant to see. Zeet could see he didn't hit any Gorn, then
      watched as the Betazoid ducked back below the rampart to avoid the
      inevitable counter-fire. ::

      :: Zeet fired again, another three short bursts, and there was no immediate
      counterfire. Seemingly satisfied, he powered down the weapon. ::

      Rais: The hell are you shooting at...? Empty fracking mud plains?

      :: Radi's tone was acidic- he was functioning on no sleep and Zeet knew it.
      Zeet, as was his way, survived much better on what the rest of the squad had
      termed 'cat naps', much to his derision. ::

      Zeet: They're out there, I promise you.

      :: The Caitian indicated into the gloom. ::

      Zeet: Two snipers, there and there, crawling closer. They've been there for
      a few days now- they took cover as soon as I started shooting at them, but
      they'll start moving again in an an hour or so. They're crafty.

      :: The Human woman called from down below, her tone slightly more jovial but
      no less tired. ::

      Brockton: What would we do without you, kitty cat?

      :: Caitians hated being referred to as cats, much as humans found the term
      'ape' offensive. But Zeet, Brockton and Rais had been through so much that
      they all had a bond forged in the heat of battle. They had...
      certain privileges. ::

      :: The Caitain man's chuckle echoed out through the night air, but it was
      almost drowned out by the perpetual rain. ::

      Zeet: Die horribly, I imagine.

      Rais: No kidding. Anyway. If those snipers are down there, why don't we just
      call down some mortars and fix them up?

      :: The way they discussed dealing death in such casual terms would have
      shocked an outsider, but Radi had lost count of how many Gorn he had killed
      during the battle. They were numb to it all by now. ::

      Zeet: Our mortar crews are dead, remember.

      :: Radi pinched the bridge of his nose. Jennifer rested her head on his
      shoulder, and the two slumped against the wall of the trench. ::

      Rais: Oh yeah. Yesterday, during the big push...

      Zeet: Actually, four days ago.

      :: Radi chuckled again, shaking his head. His combadge chirped and Radi
      didn't even bother to tap it. Chirp. Chirp. Out of frustration, Jennifer
      tapped it for him, then closed her eyes again. ::

      Suval: =/\= Marine Captain Suval to Lieutenant Springfield. Report squad
      status. =/\=

      :: Rais let his black eyes closed, resting his head against the wall of the
      trench. ::

      Rais: =/\= This is Rais. Springfield's dead. Has been, for... uh... =/\=

      Zeet: ... four days. He was inspecting the mortar teams when they got taken

      Rais: Thanks, fuzzball. =/\= ... four days. Sorry. =/\=

      :: There was a silence over the comms. ::

      Suval: =/\= ... "Rais"? Identify yourself. =/\=

      :: Zeet, not wanting to stick around for the banter with their witless,
      helplessly out of touch CO, slumped back inside his dugout for another cat
      nap. The Caitian pulled the muddy blanket over himself, but found that the
      action was resisted by a grunt. Lisa Munroe, his companion, apparently, was
      napping under it. ::

      Zeet: Hey, you awake?

      :: No answer. Zeet took in her condition. Wet, cold, wounded... that burn
      still hadn't stopped bleeding, despite their treatment. Her skin was white
      and there was no hope of evacuation, given the planet's atmosphere. ::

      :: Zeet knew that his body was warm due to his fur. Wiggling down beside
      her, drawing his paw around her hip, he tried his best to keep her alive. ::

      ((the next morning))

      :: Lisa managed another two nights, but her wound were too great... ::

      :: Zeet sensed movement beside him, someone sitting up. Years of instinct
      kicked in- he was instantly awake, giving a surprised snort. ::

      Zeet: Zzzhuck-wha?

      Kadosh: The boy! Where did he... and where's Ensign Hsu?

      :: Reaching over for the phaser he kept close, Zeet crouched, scanning the
      area with his sharp eyes. ::

      Zeet: I don't see him.

      ::Ayelet looked around the camp site. Not seeing anything either, she
      quickly tapped her combadge.::

      Kadosh: =/\= Kadosh to Ensign Hsu! =/\=

      :: There seemed to be no response for the longest time. Zeet took that as a
      bad sign, and actually moved to stand when the human male's voice came
      through the line. ::

      Hsu: =/\= Hsu here, is everything all right, ma'am? =/\=

      :: Zeet's sigh of relief was audible. ::

      Kadosh: =/\= Ensign, where are you?! The Romulan boy, he's missing! =/\=

      Hsu: =/\= Actually, ma'am, he's right here with me. We just went for a
      little walk when he woke up this morning. We'll be returning shortly. =/\=

      Zeet: Thank the elements. Small mercies...

      :: Ayelet looked a little frazzed and took a moment to respond to the
      Ensign. ::

      Kadosh: =/\= Oh...all right. Um, please just get here as soon as you can.
      Kadosh out. =/\=

      :: Peering curiously at her, Zeet gently set down the weapon, keeping it by
      his shin. ::

      Zeet: Hey... are you okay?

      ::It was until she heard Zeet's voice that she realized she had been holding
      her breath.::

      Kadosh: Sorry, I...I just had a bad feeling, that's all.

      :: His nose wrinkled slightly. ::

      Zeet: A... bad feeling?

      Kadosh: Yeah... ::smiles mischievously:: ...so... did you sleep well?

      :: Zeet remembered, vaguely, the circumstances of his waking. He returned
      that smile with one of his own. ::

      Zeet: Oh, well, I did if you did...

      Kadosh: Okay, I'm glad to hear it. ::She turned and walked away to one of
      the bags, deliberately brushing off a few Caitian hairs from her pants for
      him to see. The Caitian raised a fuzzy eyeridge at the sight, blowing a coy

      Zeet: My my... how clumsy of me. Behold my faux-innocent whistle! Tsk, tsk.
      Bad paws! Bad!

      ::Ayelet's grin just grew wider at the sergeant's response as she crouched
      down to retrieve some morning rations from the bag. Zeet admired the view,
      flicking out his tongue in a teasing fashion.::

      Kadosh: Can't blame it on the alcohol this time, sergeant...

      :: He laughed. ::

      Zeet: Me? I would never...!

      :: Still, Zeet couldn't help noticing that she was very shapely. And, you
      know, soft... ::

      ((Outside the Arboretum, 08:00))

      ::The boy and Ensign Hsu were still on their way back when another voice
      called to Zeet and Ayelet.::

      Rawden: Hello? Ayelet? ::Cough:: Sir?

      ::The two medical personnel walked over to the entrance of the arboretum to
      see Crewman Rawden already inside.::

      Kadosh: We're over here, Rick.

      Rawden: Hi there! ::Cough::

      :: Zeet frowned slightly. He did not like the sound of that cough... ::

      ::Rick saw both Ayelet and Sergeant Zeet enter the Arboretum. The only one
      missing from their drinks from shore leave was little Gypsy. They all looked
      down into the flooded facility. Only the initial entrance platform was still
      above water. Everything else was hidden below the murky brown floodwater
      with only the very top shelves and posts visible in the arboretum.::

      Rawden: This is not going to be easy.

      Zeet: Did I mention how I don't like water?

      Kadosh: Yep, so there it is. What do you think? Is there any quick way to
      drain it?

      Rawden: We need a pump, a big one too, and a means of stopping water leaking
      back in from outside, a lining of some sort. Will see ::cough:: what we�ve
      got back at the camp, sound ok?

      Kadosh: ::shrugs:: I'm not the expert here, crewman. If you think it might
      work, I'm willing to give it a shot.

      Rawden: Definitely worth a try. ::cough:: What's in here that you need?

      Kadosh: One of the Romulan scientists wanted some samples, supposedly to
      help with the research on the disease... ::gives a raised eyebrow to the

      Zeet: At least, that's what they *said*...

      :: Zeet tried not to let too much of his prejudice show through. ::

      Rawden: Oh yeah, quite crucial then. ::cough::

      ::Ayelet gave the crewman a concerned look. Zeet mirrored it. ::

      Kadosh: Are you all right, Rick?

      Zeet: You sound pretty... sick, actually, as a matter of fact.

      Rawden: Me? I'm fine, just a cold.

      :: The Caitian's eyes narrowed slightly. ::

      Zeet: Just... a cold.

      Kadosh: Hmmm...

      Rawden: Will see what equipment we can spare from camp, be back in a jiffy!

      :: That caused Zeet to snort with barely held back laughter. ::

      Zeet: Very well, Ensign Page. I mean... heh.

      Kadosh: Okay, be careful. Ensign Hsu reported that some of the locals are a
      bit... aggressive.

      :: The crewman left, leaving the sergeant and the nurse. Ayelet turned to
      her companion. ::

      Kadosh: Well, I don't suppose you're in the mood for swimming?

      Zeet: Skinny dipping? In that? ... you're braver than I thought, but please,
      be my guest.

      :: Tidari held up a paw to show he was kidding. ::

      Kadosh: Hmmm...

      ::Ayelet's gaze turned back to the murky water. Zeet kept her eyes on her,
      now, wondering if he had something else to apologize for... ::

      :: Eventually he shook his head, just a little. She wasn't mad. Yes, he'd
      grabbed her hip- and probably her butt, too, given where all that fur came
      from- but she didn't seem to mind too much. Probably best to keep his little
      paws to himself, though... a new voice grabbed her and the Caitian's
      attention just then. ::

      Hsu (NPC): Lieutenant, Sergeant.

      ::The nurse turned around to see the security officer Ensign Franklin Hsu
      walking up to them with their previous Romulan patient beside him. The boy
      looked to be in much better spirits.::

      Kadosh: Ensign Hsu. Good of you to join us again...

      :: Zeet said nothing, but gave a little bow. Yes, it was a breach of
      protocol, but so was going off on your own with the Romulan... ::

      Hsu: Sorry, Saj here just wanted to show me where we could get some fish.
      Beats morning rations, right?

      :: Ayelet seemed cold towards Hsu, but turned to the boy and smiled. ::

      Zeet: oO Ah! There's a smile. See? She's not mad. Oo

      Kadosh: Saj, is it? Hello, my name is Ayelet. It's good to see you awake.

      Zeet: I'm Zeet.

      ::The boy seemed rather shy, staying a little bit behind Ensign Hsu.::

      Saj: ...hi.

      Kadosh: Are you feeling better?

      ::The boy nodded. Ayelet wondered if she'd get anything more out of him. She
      wasn't sure how much was just shyness and how much was fear or apprehension
      of outsiders and non-Romulans.::

      Zeet: How's your head? Feeling better?

      :: The boy was obviously still shy. Ensign Hsu took a glance into the
      arboretum. ::

      Hsu: Well that looks like a fine mess... any word from engineering?

      Kadosh: Crewman Rawden came to take a look. He said he'd be back with some

      Zeet: That's the last we heard of him.

      ::As the Starfleet personnel talked, the Romulan boy went inside, curious.
      Ayelet kept an eye on him as he went to the edge of the platform.::

      Kadosh: ...yeah, not exactly what I was expecting.

      Hsu: Eh, it's not too bad, lieutenant. Not our fault the planet's a bit
      rough around the edges.

      Zeet: Honestly, I wish we could just pack up roots and le-

      ::Suddenly, there was a loud crash from inside the facility. Following Aylet
      and the others inside, he could see one of the large shelves had tipped over
      off theirs side in the water, and the Romulan boy had fallen in. Without
      hesitating, Ensign Hsu jumped in to retrieve the boy, grabbing him and bring
      him back to the edge of the platform. Reluctant, seeing that Hsu was already
      in the water and Zeet disliked being wet after his war experiences, he
      stayed out. The two of them helped the others up out of the water. ::

      Kadosh: What happened?

      Saj: I'm sorry, I was just leaning against it when it fell over!

      Zeet: Hmm... you are the most unlucky Romulan I've ever met.

      Kadosh: Here, this will help dry you off.

      ::Ayelet took her jacket off again- Zeet watched out of the corner of his
      eye- and wrapped it around the boy as he faced out towards the water again,
      gazing at the surface. Without warning, he gave out a horrific scream that
      nearly caused Zeet to jump out of his skin. Scanning the water with his
      eyes, Zeet saw a pale and bloated corpse rose up to the surface where the
      large shelf had rested earlier. ::

      (( FLASHBACK: Zama Beach, Praxi VI, 2383 ))

      :: They Lisa's body floating inside the dugout. She had obviously gone in
      there for... possibly medical treatment, possibly shelter from the latest
      round of bombardment, but even this shelter couldn't give her the edge to
      survive. When it had flooded, a day later, her body was found. ::

      :: Zeet, being her friend, did the honours- they buried her deep in the
      field, because the heavy phaser fire often threw up large quantities of
      mud... ::

      (( Flashback ends ))

      Kadosh: Zeet...

      Zeet: I see it.

      :: He wanted to say, "Don't look", but Ayelet had almost certainly seen
      bodies before. ::

      Zeet: It's not... Rawden, is it?

      :: As the body drifted closer to the platform, it exposed its face to the
      four observers. It was the Romulan scientist, Doctor Dolsan. ::

      :: Zeet glanced to the others, closing his eyes a moment. ::

      Zeet: A'right. Let's get that out of there... phew, it reeks. I'm happy to
      do it myself, if you want, although I could use some help...

      Hsu: If you want, I'll give you a hand. I can handle myself.

      Kadosh: Response?

      Saj: Response?

      :: Zeet nodded. ::

      Zeet: Righteo. Okay, well, the first thing we need is...

      :: It was a delicate operation, but the body was removed with a minimum of
      disturbance. He turned it over, casually searching. ::

      Ayelet: Response?

      Zeet: Not sure, yet. Nothing immediately... oh.

      :: Then it was all clear what had occurred... ::

      Zeet: ... nasty business.

      Saj/Ayelet: Response?

      :: Despite himself, Zeet tried to lighten the mood a bit. ::

      Zeet: Aren't you glad you didn't go skinny dipping now?

      Ayelet: Response?

      :: Rick returned at this point, and Zeet was actually glad for his return...

      Rawden: Oh heck!

      Zeet: Not pretty, huh?

      Kadosh / Hsu / Saj: RESPONSE

      Rawden: What happened? ::cough::

      :: The cough was still there... frowning a bit, Zeet pointed to the corpse.

      Zeet: Pretty sure this did it. Would love to have a full autopsy done, but
      I'm fairly certain that's the cause.

      Kadosh / Hsu / Saj: RESPONSE

      Rawden: Do we know who she was? ::cough / wretch:::

      :: Zeet nodded in the affirmative, but a glance to Kadosh told him
      everything he needed to know. She was thinking the same thing. ::

      Zeet: Look, let's go get that looked at, okay... ?

      ::Eventually Rick could stay upright no longer and tried to stagger his way
      to the medical facility, his cough and aches getting worse. Zeet threw his
      arm over his shoulder, helping him walk. ::

      Kadosh / Hsu / Saj: RESPONSE

      Zeet: We're nearly there...!

      ((Hospital; Bilire VI))

      ::A number of locals gave him harsh looks. Zeet didn't care- in fact, he had
      harsh looks of his own to return. ::

      Rawden: ::Cough:: Anyone give me a hand?

      Kadosh/Mevra/Medics: RESPONSE

      Rawden: I don�t feel too good.

      ::Rick felt faint. He reached out for someone�s arm.::

      Kadosh/Mevra/Medics: RESPONSE

      :: Rick blacked out, collapsing on the floor. The medics rushed to help him.

      Rawden: Oww... ::mumbling::

      Kadosh/Mevra/Medics: RESPONSE

      :: Zeet looked to Kadosh again. ::

      Zeet: You know, I think he really is sick.

      Kadosh: Response?

      Tag! TBC...


      PNPC Sergeant Zeet Tidari
      Marine Medic and Pilot
      USS Independence-A

      As simmed by,

      Lt (jg) Alleran Tan
      USS Independence-A

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