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LtJG Ayelet Kadosh: Crossing Paths (Tag: Zeet)

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  • richyulin
    ((Corridor, USS Independence-A)) ... Ayelet tried to avoid eye contact with the few people she passed by. All she wanted to do was get away. She hadn t reduced
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2011
      ((Corridor, USS Independence-A))

      ::The path back to the Independence from Msafiri's quarters seemed much longer than when Ayelet had walked it earlier in the day. Then again, most paths seem longer when traveled alone.

      Ayelet tried to avoid eye contact with the few people she passed by. All she wanted to do was get away. She hadn't reduced herself to crying out right. Composure. Dignity. She would never let herself lose those qualities. Not after she had come so far. Not after she had promised back during the occupation that she would stay strong to her absent friend Jennifer.

      Still, she sniffled a bit as she walked to her quarters and rubbed her nose. Avoiding eye contact, though, could often lead into bumping into people.::

      Zeet: RESPONSE

      ::Ayelet looked up in surprise and saw the marine Caitian from earlier in sickbay. She quickly looked away, not wanting him to see her like this.::

      Kadosh: Oh! Hello again, sergeant... is everything okay?

      Zeet: RESPONSE

      ::The nurse noticed that the man seemed to be keeping a cautious distance.::

      Kadosh: Oh, I apologize. I'm fine. It's not you at all...I-

      ::She stammered, frustrating her even further.::

      Kadosh: I'm...I was just headed to my quarters for the night.

      ::She struggled to find the right words or even look at him in the eye. Instead, she looked at the wall, the floor, her shoes, his shoes...well, no...he wasn't wearing shoes. Instead, furry feet emerged from his crisp marine uniform pants. That made her release a half-hearted chuckle under her sniffles.::

      Kadosh: ...been touring the ship?

      Zeet: RESPONSE

      ::The comment made her look up finally at the marine and give a weak smile, wiping away a few more tears.::

      Zeet: RESPONSE

      TAG! TBC...

      Lieutenant JG Ayelet Kadosh
      USS Independence-A
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