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Re: [SB-r-us] fwd: A South African Project

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  • Athena & Bill Steen
    I d say let s take this initiative of good old RT and make it happen. However, I think Joe oughta take the initiative to open the account. I d make that the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2004
      I'd say let's take this initiative of good old RT and make it happen.
      However, I think Joe oughta take the initiative to open the account.
      I'd make that the prerequisite.
      I think this is a tremendous use of this list, it made an incredible
      effort take place in Mexico and I'm sure we can do it elsewhere. We've
      been quiet about the work there because it has moved into a slightly
      different phase, but all that effort on listmembers part helped build a
      solid base down there.
      It formed the basis for a construction cooperative that finally has all
      its paper work in place and is qualifying for a grant this year from
      the Presbyterian church that will provide them with a small storage
      building, tools, vehicle and trailer........things they have badly
      needed to maintain a constant effort so as to make some money to
      sustain themselves. meanwhile we were able to secure private donations
      to build three houses last winter and pay the salaries of those doing
      the work.
      They've ridden through a lot of ups and downs, but have quietly stuck
      with it and continue to refine methods and materials.
      None of this would have happened without the efforts that went into the
      Casas que Cantan initiative.
      So my vote goes to support Rob's suggestion. It seems one tangible way
      to help make some difference in a time when one might feel somewhat
      discouraged and powerless.

      On Oct 31, 2004, at 3:09 PM, Rob Tom wrote:

      > Since there are only two weeks before Joe leaves for Africa,
      > (see note appended below) and snail mail being what it is,
      > perhaps we can speed up the process by having donations sent
      > via Paypal (see www.paypal.com).
      > We have used Paypal in the past to accept Listmembers' donations
      > to worthy causes ( ie the Casas que Cantan fundraising initiatives)
      > and found it to be trouble-free (especially useful for international
      > donations) so perhaps this project could benefit from the expediency
      > of Paypal as well ?
      > Considering that the Lists to which this message has been copied have
      > membership totals numbering well over 2000 (allowing for listmembers
      > subscribing to more than one list) it shouldn't be at all difficult to
      > scare up the measely $1500 that is needed to put the fundraising effort
      > over the top.
      > I can set up a "donations thermometer" at the
      > SB-r-Us@yahoogroups.com site to keep people apprised of how the
      > fundraising effort is going, if that would help.
      > Come to think of it, I could even set up four thermometers,
      > one for each List and we could have a friendly little competition
      > to see which List hits the ($1500 / 4 = ) $375 bell first.
      > If for some reason, Joe Kennedy has trouble setting up a Paypal
      > business account, I would be happy to accept donations through mine
      > and then wire the funds to Joe via Western Union or somesuch.
      > --
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      > Robert W. Tom
      > Kanata, Ontario, Canada
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      > From: Strawnet@...
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      > Subject: A South African Project
      > Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 13:56:39 EST
      > From: livingearth62@... (Joseph Kennedy)
      > I have a compelling need, and am looking to you for support. I have
      > been
      > asked to participate in the creation of child support center for
      > children
      > orphaned by AIDS in South Africa with the Los Angeles-based non-profit
      > NextAid ( http://www.nextaid.org ) and local South African groups.
      > I am doing this through the vehicle of my new social profit
      > organization
      > Village
      > Renaissance (http://www.villagerenaissance.org)
      > As you may know, within a single generation AIDS has reached pandemic
      > proportions globally. There are now over 40 million people living with
      > AIDS.
      > Of the 13.2 million children who have been left behind in the wake of
      > AIDS,
      > 95% are in Africa alone, and every 14 seconds another child is faced
      > with
      > losing his or her parent and taking on adult responsibilities because
      > of
      > AIDS.
      > To begin the massive effort necessary to support these children in the
      > coming years,
      > NextAid is committed to building a multi-purpose center for Youth With
      > A
      > Vision, a South African non-profit organization, formed mainly of teens
      > orphaned by AIDS. Intended to show case green building design, the
      > earth-friendly center will serve as a template for many such centers
      > throughout Africa. The multi-purpose center will be a place where kids
      > can
      > have a safe haven, where resources can be can be concentrated, where
      > aid
      > can be efficiently distributed, where environmental education will be
      > emphasized, and where youth can reach their individual and collective
      > potential.
      > I have been asked to design this center in collaboration with NextAid,
      > Youth With a Vision and other local South Africa partners. Our next
      > step
      > is a
      > strategic design session on the site of the center in Dennilton, near
      > Johannesburg.
      > Rose and my six-year old daughter Taya will be joining me.
      > During this design process, Rose will offer her perspectives, having
      > been
      > raised in an orphanage until age 4. Taya will have the opportunity to
      > engage with children less fortunate than her, and thus learn some
      > powerful
      > lessons.
      > In the last six weeks, we have raised $6,000 towards the $7,500 dollars
      > necessary to fully fund this strategic next step in creating this
      > center.
      > I am looking to raise the remaining $1,500 in the next two weeks (we
      > leave
      > for South Africa on November 17). I humbly request your help so that
      > this
      > important work can take the next step.
      > Any amount will help, and is fully tax-deductible.
      > Checks can be made out to Village Renaissance, and sent to
      > 737 Mill Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
      > If you know of anyone who might be interested in this endeavor,
      > please
      > forward this message on to them. If you want any more detailed
      > information, please contact me.
      > I thank you for your support.
      > Warmly,
      > Joe Kennedy
      > David Eisenberg
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      > cannot be trusted with important matters.
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