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Re: [SB-r-us] Finish Plaster questions

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  • Caralee
    There is a product you might look into called Rain-Sil, which is a siloxane product often used on stucco. We ve found it helps with weathering, and it is not
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 6, 2012
      There is a product you might look into called Rain-Sil, which is a siloxane product often used on stucco. We've found it helps with weathering, and it is not terribly expensive since you mix it 1:9 with water.
      You can find it at www.eco-house.com (click on "silicate mineral coatings") and be sure to get the Rain-Sil vs. the Prima-Sil, which seems to be more rubbery and sit on top of the plaster and leave a whitish "bloom" vs. the Rain-Sil which soaks in and hardens the plaster. In any case, I would do test patches of a variety of methods on a sacrificial bale and let them weather for awhile so you'll know which works best. While the linseed will really help, it's pretty expensive and also it does change the look of the plaster. The Rain-Sil does not change the look of the plaster even a little bit. You won't know it's there visually, but you might, as we did, see a noticeable difference in the weatherability of the plaster. The other thing that made us feel okay about using the Rain-Sil is that it does not affect the vapor permeability of the plaster, something that was important to us. I know I seem to be a true believer in Rain-Sil for those who've endured my talking about this product in the past, but it's just one option for people to check into. I really did work well for us, and similar siloxane products are pretty common, I think, amongst stucco plasterers.

      Caralee in Utah

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      I used linseed oil, but afterwards I wish I had used silicone. Linseed oil darkened the plaster so much that we ended up painting most of the house as the dark color was depressing. There is no need to seal if you want to paint, but if you want to see the earth plaster silicone doesn't discolor and is cheaper.

      Another reason we ended up painting is that after normal wear and tear on teh plaster, when we need to patch it, the color of the patch never matched the original plaster and it just looked ugly.

      Strawbale Guesthouse and

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      Subject: [SB-r-us] Finish Plaster questions
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      Hi friends,

      I am new here and wish I would have found you sooner! would love to take advantage of your knowledge and experience if you don't mind. My husband and I are nearing completion of our straw bale home in Tennessee. We are using earth plaster and are just about done with the 2nd coat on the exterior. Our North side is open to the weather and we realize we need to use some extra protection in the finish layer. We are thinking of using lime and raw linseed oil as amendments (lime in all finish layer, RLO on just that North side.)

      Question 1: Do any of you have experience with using linseed oil in plaster? I have read others who have used it successfully but am still nervous about it.

      Question 2: I am having a terrible time finding the 'right' lime. My understanding is that NHL is best, and hydrated type s is next, but everything I have read is about lime plaster. Does the type matter much if I am using it as an amendment rather than lime plaster? I can't get NHL or type s (without serious shipping costs) but can get hydrated lime (no type specified on the bag.)

      Any help you can offer is appreciated! Any other comments or suggestions welcome.


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