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16333Re: [SB-r-us] Re: straw bale project philippines?

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  • Nancy or David Gray
    Jan 14, 2014
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      John, I have wondered about this.  Rice straw has garnered so much cachet because it
      contains high silica and is supposed to resist decay because of that.  Still, when I have had
      occasion to use it, it is like grass hay....floppy and formless and quite squishable.
      Oat and wheat straw perform more like bricks in my admittedly limited experience.  I have
      never had to test their drying out capabilities.  
      Have you ever had the chance to compare oat straw?  David G.

      From: John Glassford <jacksflat@...>
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      Subject: [SB-r-us] Re: straw bale project philippines?

      G ' day

      We have also used plenty of rice straw bales however we prefer wheat straw.

      I have found rice straw to behave much like rye grass hay bales.  The stems are too thin and press into a tighter bale.  This is fine but when or if they get wet they turn into mulch pretty quickly whereas wheat straw can dry out without going into goo.

      However the answer is never get your bales wet so it does not matter what you use. 

      We have so much straw at all times that we never have a problem with getting wheat straw.

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