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Tonight, Sunday & Fundraiser Ball!

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  • Jennie Dunnavant
    *Get a free 8:30pm lesson from SASDS when you purchase a ticket to our Fundraiser Ball!!! More info below... Wednesday, July 2nd: The SASDS will be having
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2008
      *Get a free 8:30pm lesson from SASDS when you purchase a ticket to
      our Fundraiser Ball!!! More info below...

      Wednesday, July 2nd:
      The SASDS will be having their weekly lessons at Semeneya Ballroom.
      The classes are as follows:

      -SWING II
      This course solidifies the basics of Lindy Hop while learning a few
      new moves in both Lindy Hop and East Coast Swing.

      This course covers many different topics in Swing, including
      connection, frame, musicality, and other Swing dances like Shag,
      Charleston and Balboa.

      This 1 week class introduces new dancers to the basics of East Coast
      Swing. *Never danced before, or not sure about the basics, it's ok!
      This class goes all month long and is perfect for you.

      -SWING I
      This course builds on the basics of East Coast Swing along with a
      few new moves. Students will also be introduced to the basics of
      Lindy Hop.

      Cost: (includes both classes)
      Members - $7 ($20/month)
      Non Members - $10 ($30/month)
      *To pay for lessons online just follow this link:

      Wednesday's lessons will be followed by a DJed dance at Semeneya
      from 9:30 pm to midnight. If you attend the lessons, the cost for
      the dance is ***FREE***. Otherwise, it is $3.

      Sunday, July 6th:
      The SASDS will be teaching a basic East Coast Swing lesson at 7 pm at
      Blue Bubble Ballroom (410 & Broadway, outside the loop). A live band
      will be performing from 8:30-11pm . The cover is $5.

      ****FUNDRAISER BALL****
      The San Antonio Swing Dance Society proudly presents our first ever
      Fundraiser Ball!! Scheduled for August 23rd, this will be an event
      worth remembering! We're proudly offering...
      *Dancing (of course!)
      *A Silent Auction
      *One Free Wednesday Night Lesson to all ticket buyers!
      *...and the oft requested DANCE AUCTION!

      This event is going to be more than that though. Our society's goal
      is to not only teach about swing dancing, but to improve the public's
      awareness of the swing culture, music, and history! The money raised
      will be used to support local swing musicians by holding more
      sponsored live band dances, bring in more out of town instructors for
      workshops, and to help teach the city more about swing history. So
      this event isn't just for our dancers, it's for EVERYONE! Bring your
      non-dancer friends, bring your family! It's a chance to spread the
      joy of Swing to Everyone in Central Texas!

      Date: August 23rd, 2008 @ 7:00PM - Midnight
      Location: St. Francis of Assisi Parish Hall (4201 De Zavala Rd. @
      Lockhill-Selma Rd,)
      Event Description: A fine dinner with live music and dancing! What
      else do you need?... more?... ok, how about a Silent Auction and
      Dance Auction?!
      Band: Robert James Band
      Cost: $35 - Members/Affiliates
      $40 - Non-Members
      $280 - Table of 8
      Tickets will be sold at:
      Sundays - Blue Bubble Ballroom
      Mondays - Sam's Burger Joint
      Wednesdays - Semeneya Ballroom
      You can also purchace tickets online at:

      Table of 8 Discount
      If you'll notice, buying a Table of 8 gives everyone the Member
      discount, so if you bring 7 friends and family with you, they ALL get
      the discount!... (or you can make them pay non-member price and YOU

      Volunteer Discount Tickets
      SASDS is also offering a very limited number of "Volunteer" Tickets
      for those who wish to buy discounted tickets for only $20 in return
      for helping out. Volunteers will be required to work two 60 minute or
      90 minute shifts. If you're interested in buying these tickets please
      email info@... or talk to whoever's selling tickets at
      Semeneya, Sam's, or Blue Bubble.

      Make a Donation!
      If you can't make it to the event... or you're just really eager to
      help, you can also make a Donation online! Your money will go to
      spreading swing to all of the greater San Antonio Area. Isn't that
      worth it?... No?!... well, your donation is also tax deductible since
      we are an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization!

      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at
      info@... and we'll answer your questions as quickly as possible.

      Jennie :-D
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