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SATERN Southern Territory Weekly Update Dec. 28, 2012

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  • ad5xj
    NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Salvation Army Responds To Christmas Day Severe Weather For several days prior to Christmas Day, the National Weather Service warned
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      The Salvation Army Responds To Christmas Day Severe Weather

      For several days prior to Christmas Day, the National Weather Service warned that much of the Deep South - especially Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama - would experience extreme severe weather on Christmas Day including heavy rain, hail, straight-line winds up to 70 and 80 mph and the possibility of strong, long-path tornadoes rated at EF-2 and higher. They were not wrong.

      On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the forecasted severe weather marched through much of the Deep South. According to the National Weather Service, over 40 tornadoes and 93 severe thunderstorms roared through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day resulting in a number of injuries and several fatalities...And additional 4 tornadoes and 11 severe thunderstorms struck North Carolina the day after Christmas. In addition, heavy snow, sleet and icy rain was experienced in other parts of the South, including Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky. Some 134,445 residents in Arkansas lost their power on Christmas Day due to the heavy winds and snow.

      Texas reported two (2) EF-3's in Pennington. Louisiana had another two (2) EF-2 tornadoes. However, the storm that caused the most damage was an EF-2 tornado that rampaged along a five (5) mile path through downtown Mobile, AL, just five days after an earlier EF-1 tornado had struck that same city.

      Throughout Christmas Day a line of severe weather moved steadily throughout the Gulf South. Around 5:00 PM on Christmas Day, a tornado was reported in central portions of Mobile, Ala. Initial reports indicate that a "wedge" tornado struck neighborhoods near Murphy High School and the Medical District. Over 19,000 people were left without any power along with near 100 damaged homes and many damaged businesses including a local hospital.

      For the second time in less than a week, The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama deployed its Canteen (mobile kitchen) to tornado affected neighborhoods. The deployed Canteen provided mass feeding, hydration, and pastoral care to about 800 people in the affected areas on Christmas Day alone. It continued to serve in those communities for the next two days.

      (See the LA Section Web Site www.laarrl.org for pictures not included here)

      The Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi Division opened its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to monitor the damage being caused by multiple tornadoes, high straight-line winds and heavy rain throughout the Division. Due to the advance warning provided by the National Weather Service, the ALM Division had already placed all of its 58 local units and 30 Canteens on standby.

      In addition to the Canteen in Mobile, another feeding unit was deployed from McComb, MS, to Lawrence County and an EDS Team was deployed in Troy, AL, after a tornado struck a trailer park.

      "This Christmas will find The Salvation Army providing care and compassion to residents in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, just as we do each day of the year. We will continue to provide an act of God in serving those affected by these storms", stated Bill Feist, Emergency Disaster Services Director for The Salvation Army. "Our hope is that through the love of Christ the emotional and physical scars can begin to heal."

      The Salvation Army continues to work with State and local emergency management and its' voluntary agency partners in VOAD to assist people with their recovery.

      Digital Nets Continue To Grow In Popularity

      In addition to the traditional SSB and CW nets, nets using various digital modes are becoming increasingly popular in Amateur Radio.

      The Salvation Army's Southern Territory operates a digital net each Saturday at Noon (Central) using the Olivia mode on 14.065 MHz. However, that is by no means the only digital net out there. Southern Territory SATERN Net Manger Ken Standard, AD5XJ, provides the following list of digital nets throughout North America:

      SATERN NBEMS Monday 8PM local 14.065 mhz 1.5 Khz Olivia 8/500 ON HOLD

      SATERN NBEMS Monday 9PM local 7.065 mHz 1.5 Khz Olivia 8/500 ON HOLD

      SATERN NBEMS Monday 10PM local 3.5835 mhz 1.5 Khz Olivia 8/500 ON HOLD

      Virginia Digital Net (VDN) Nightly 7:15pm local 3.578.5 mhz 1.3kz Olivia 4/500

      MI Digital Traffic Net Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 7:00pm local 3.5830 mhz 1kz Olivia 8/500

      Tri State NBEMS net (PA) Saturday 9:30am local 3.9530mhz

      NY NBEMS Saturday 10am eastern 7.036 mhz 1kz Olivia 8/500 MT63-1k n2nov

      Southern Territory SATERN Net Saturday 12PM Central 14.065 mHz 1khz Olivia 8/500 ad5xj@...

      paNBEMS 80m Net Sunday 10am local 3.583mhz 1500kz Olivia 8/500 MT63-1K kb3fxi

      paNBEMS 80m Net Sunday 11am ET 7.0725 mhz USB, 1500kz waterfall center, Olivia 8/500 MT63-1K

      The primary targets on the paNBEMS 80m 3.583 USB 10am call are PA Stations, then we go to 7.0725 USB with the general target for Eastern US stations located in call sign areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 8... But any stations on either net are welcome to check in... Just follow the direction of NCS. kb3fxi

      North America Quick NBEMS Net Tuesday 9:45 to 10:00PM eastern 60M , any free channel 1.5 Khz Phone USB PSK31 K3UK k3ukandy

      Maine NBEMS 80m Net Wednesday 6:30pm local 3.590 mhz 1kz Olivia 8/500 MT63-1K kb1tce

      East Coast NBEMS Wednesday 7:00 PM local eastern 7.036 mHz 1kHz Olivia 8/500 MT63-1K n2nov

      MN ARES Digital Net Thursday 8 p.m. local time (Minnesota) on 3583.5. We will at least start on Olivia 16/500 and play with other modes wfosler

      14.065 1500hz
      10.135 1500hz
      7072.5 1500hz
      3583.0 1000hz

      60m channel 4 (5.3715 USB, mandatory 1500 Hz waterfall center) or 2 (5.3465 USB, mandatory 1500 Hz waterfall center) is our backup night time frequencies and 30m 10.135 USB, 1500 Hz center waterfall is our backup daytime frequency.

      The information above is posted on the Ontario Region Yahoo! Group saterndigital. People interested in checking in to these nets should observe the net protocol for each net.

      Updates or deletions should be sent to Fred, VE3FAL or Andy, K3UK

      Questions about this list or any of these nets can be directed to AD5XJ.

      Check out Disaster.SalvationArmyUSA.org/ for the latest in news about The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services and SATERN.

      Divisional Emergency Disaster Services Director
      Divisional SATERN Coordinator
      Alabama - Louisiana - Mississippi Division
      Territorial SATERN Coordinator
      The Salvation Army, Southern Territory
      P.O. Box 4857 - Jackson, MS 39296-4857
      Office: 601-969-6868
      E-Mail: Bill_Feist@...
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