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FW: ACT FAST! NARA is about to destroy Landsat's early photo arc hive s!

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    This doesn t sound like an urban legend (too specialized). Anybody know anything about this? ... From: Price, David [mailto:DPRICE@STMARTIN.EDU] Sent: Monday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2001
      FW: ACT FAST! NARA is about to destroy Landsat's early photo archive s!

      This doesn't sound like an urban legend (too specialized). Anybody know anything about this?

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      From: Price, David [mailto:DPRICE@...]
      Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 1:11 PM
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      Subject: ACT FAST! NARA is about to destroy Landsat's early photo
      archive s!

      I'm not usually one for cross posting messages, but the below is an urgent
      call to stop the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) from
      destroying a large collection of archival landsat images.  The below call to
      action comes from FOI-L, a Freedom of Information Act list server. I've
      worked on other efforts to get NARA to not destroy records of interest to
      anthropologists, and input from scholars has a significant impact (you'd be
      amazed at some of the records that NARA has been routinely destroying).

      Please read the below and send comments to NARA, unfortunately the deadline
      for comments is today. Even short comments add up, and can make a big
      difference.  Please pass this on to lists where ecological folks and
      archaeologists hangout, it seems reasonable to assume that these older
      landsat images would be a valuable resource for examining ecological changes
      around the globe.

      Thanks, David

      >More info is available at:

      >"One of only two existing archives of early Landsat satellite
      >photographs is in danger of being destroyed. The archive in question
      >contains all data and photographs from Landsat 1, 2 & 3 satellites,
      >taken up to the year 1978. The National Archives and Records
      >Administration (NARA), the current custodian of the data placed a notice
      >in the U.S. Federal Register seeking public comment on the decision to
      >destroy this archive.
      >The decision to destroy the NARA Landsat archive has apparently been
      >approved by the USGS National Mapping Division based on the assumption
      >that the archive is an exact duplicate of a USGS Landsat archive. It is
      >unclear how National Mapping Division came to this conclusion when there
      >is no catalogue of the NARA Landsat archive. In particular, it is of
      >great concern that there may be "value added" materials within the NARA
      >Landsat archive that are NOT present in the USGS Landsat archive.
      >These materials may include currently unavailable interpreted images,
      >photo enlargements and large area mosaics that would take much labor and
      >cost to recreate. In addition, the decision to rely on a single copy of
      >these datasets is questionable especially considering that the storage
      >media (both film and tape) is now almost three decades old and variable
      >The deadline for public comments is close of business, Monday, February
      >12, 2001. It is urgent that concerned scientists and members of the
      >public email Marie Allen, Director of the Life Cycle Management Division
      >at National Archives mailto:records.mgt@... or FAX to
      >(301)-713-6852 and please express the opinion that this invaluable
      >archive should not be destroyed but should in fact be opened up for
      >greater public access. Please be sure to cite the following reference
      >information in your email: "item 20 (N2-77-01-1) posted in the NARA
      >notice, Federal Register, December 29, 2000"
      >At a minimum your email should contain the following message:
      >"In reference to item 20 (N2-77-01-1) Copies of satellite imagery files
      >posted in the NARA notice, Federal Register, December 29, 2000. I
      >strongly oppose the decision to destroy this invaluable global
      >environmental dataset. Instead, I urge the National Archives to make all
      >possible efforts to make the data in question freely available for
      >public access. I request all information necessary for me to be able to
      >fully comment further on the decisions of the National Archives with
      >regard to this matter."

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