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      FW: free resource

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      Subject: free resource

      Maybe you all are already aware of this, but the Smithsonian puts out a
      newsletter called AnthroNotes free of charge, and free for duplication.
      This isn't a journal-quality publication, but the articles are scholarly,
      lacking notes but with suggestions for further reading.  The latest number
      contains an article by William W. Fitzhugh called "Vikings: the North
      Atlantic Saga," designed to accompany the museum exhibit.  This is followed
      by "Teacher's Corner: Vikings in the Classroom," containing ideas for
      teaching about Vikings directed I think to Middle School and High School
      levels, including web resources, a list of documentary films, and museum
      resources.  There also is an interesting article by Roy Richard Grinker,
      "In the Arms of Africa: the Life of Colin Turnbull," and a book review of
      Sarah Blaffer-Hrdy's "Mother Nature" by Sylvia Thompson.

      This newsletter is available at
      http://www.nmnh.si.edu/departments/anthro.html or you can subscribe (I like
      to get a hard copy to pass around in my classes) at kaupp.ann@...

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