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FW: Free AJPA back issues

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    ... From: Andrew Petto [mailto:ajpetto@EARTHLINK.NET] Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2001 11:23 AM To: ANTHRO-L@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: Free AJPA back
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      FW: Free AJPA back issues

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      From: Andrew Petto [mailto:ajpetto@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2001 11:23 AM
      To: ANTHRO-L@...
      Subject: Free AJPA back issues

      Dear Colleagues:

      THe New England Regional Primate Research Center, where I used to work,
      has released all its copies of the American Journal of Physical
      Anthropology and sent them to me. Since they maintained their collection
      with my personal subscription from 1986-1994, they returned the entire
      collection to me last year. I have for donation to a library,
      department, or individual scholar a bound set of journal issues and
      supplements from 1979 through 1985.

      Please contact me off list if you are interested or know an appropriate
      recipient for these journals. I would ask the recipient to pay shipping
      (which I would arrange at the lowest possible rate).

      I would be interested in finding a way to send these issues to scholars
      in 3d-world countries if we could arrange a way to underwrite the costs
      of shipping.


      Anj Petto

      Andrew J Petto, PhD
      Editor, National Center for Science Education
      Associate Professor, University of the Arts
      320 S Broad St, Philadelphia PA 19102-4994
      (215) 717-6276; fax (215) 717-6620

      Philosophy of Education:
              Take Chances! Make Mistakes!! GET MESSY!!!
      -Ms Frizzle

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