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FW: article for spring 2014, Education about Asia?

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    For now, -- Guven Guven Peter Witteveen, anthroview@gmail.com [Description: Image removed by
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      For now,

      -- Guven
      Guven Peter Witteveen, anthroview@...<mailto:anthroview@...>
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      Call for Manuscripts: Teaching Asia through Field Trips and Experimental-

      Education About Asia (EAA) is the peer-reviewed teaching journal of the Ass=
      ociation for Asian Studies. Our approximately 1,800 readers include undergr=
      aduate instructors as well as high school and middle school teachers. Our a=
      rticles are intended to provide educators, who are often not specialists, w=
      ith basic understanding of Asia-related content. Qualified referees evaluat=
      e all manuscripts submitted for consideration. Most of our subscribers teac=
      h and work in history, the social sciences, or the humanities.

      We are developing a special section that will be published in spring 2014 o=
      n teaching Asia through field trips and experiential learning. We are not =
      seeking manuscripts where authors address study abroad programs of one seme=
      ster or longer. We seek articles by secondary school and university survey=
      -level instructors that focus upon a wide range of short term activities in=
      cluding study tours in Asia, visits to Asian communities in North America o=
      r elsewhere, field trips to art or history museums, or any assignment or pr=
      oject at the secondary school or university survey level in which students =
      learn about Asia by experiential activities other than exclusively didactic=
      learning (lectures, reading, or film).

      Prospective authors should be aware that approximately fifty percent of our=
      readers teach at the undergraduate level and the rest are secondary or mid=
      dle school teachers. Please consult the EAA guidelines, available on the we=
      bsite under my signature before submitting a manuscript for this special se=
      ction. Pay particular attention to feature and teaching resources manuscrip=
      t word-count ranges. Prospective authors are also encouraged to share possi=
      ble manuscript ideas with me via email. The deadline for initial submission=
      of manuscripts is November 10, 2013. Prospective authors are welcome to em=
      ail me at the address below if they have questions.

      Lucien Ellington
      Editor, Education About Asia
      302 Pfeiffer Stagmaier Hall
      University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
      Chattanooga, TN 37403
      Phone (423) 425-2118
      e-mail: l-ellington@...<mailto:l-ellington@...><mailto:l-ellington@...<mailto:l-ellington@...>>
      Web Site http://www.asian-studies.org/EAA/

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