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FW: "The New Europe": Doctorare and Post-Doc Fellowships in Berl in (the Humboldt University of Berlin)

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      FW: "The New Europe": Doctorare and Post-Doc Fellowships in Berlin (the Humboldt University of Berlin)

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      From: Serguei Alex. Oushakine [mailto:sao15@...]
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      Subject: "The New Europe": Doctorare and Post-Doc Fellowships in Berlin
      (the Humboldt University of Berlin)

      "The New Europe. National and International Dimensions
      of Institutional Change"

      The Institute for Social Sciences of the Humboldt University of Berlin
      and the Department of Political Science at the Free University Berlin
      are offering as part of the Graduate Seminar "The New Europe,"
      supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and
      the State of Berlin

      14 Doctorate and
      2 Post-Doctorate Fellowships.

      The main focus of the Graduate Seminar is empirical
      analysis based on theory in the following fields: Comparative Studies,
      International Relations, Political Theory, Law, and Contemporary
      History. Main research themes are:

      1. Constitutionalism, institutional reform, and
      institutional transfer against the background of EU Enlargement to the east
      and southeast;
      2. Periphery and borders of a new Europe;
      3. Democratic consolidation and political culture in Eastern Europe.

      The Fellowships will begin on April 1, 2001 and are
      awarded for a span of three years.

      Admission Requirements

      excellent University Exams or GPA (Diplom, Staatsexamen Magister, or
      M.A.) in Political Science, History, Law, or a related
      Applicant must be prepared to have Berlin as place of
      permanent residence during the span of the fellowship;
      Applicant must be prepared to actively participate in
      the Graduate Seminar;
      Doctoral candidates should not be older than 28 years
      (with the exception of child-rearing years); Postdoctoral
      candidates should not be older than 34 years.

      Participating Faculty:

      Eder (HU, Institute of Social Sciences)
      Glaessner (HU, Institute of Social Sciences)
      Heine (HU, Institute of Asia and African Studies)
      Henningsen (HU, Institute for Northern European Studies)
      Herbst (HU, Institute of History)
      Kreile (HU, Institute of Social Sciences)
      Mueller (HU, Institute of Social Sciences)
      Muenkler (HU, Institute of Social Sciences)
      Muenz (HU, Institute of Social Sciences)
      Preuss (FU, Department of Political Science)
      Tomuschat (HU, Faculty of Law)
      Weber (HU, Centre for British Studies)

      Applications with a Resume in table format,
      Certificate of the first applicable Degree, copy of Thesis, and Project plan
      for the Dissertation or Habilitation can be sent to the
      Director of the Graduate Seminar by 31. December 2000:

      Prof. Dr. Gert-Joachim Glaessner
      Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin
      Institut fuer Sozialwissenschaften
      Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin
      Tel.: (030) 2093 1430
      Fax: (030) 2093 1429
      E-Mail: Gert-Joachim.Glaessner@...-berlin.de

      More information and suggestions for applicants will
      be mailed upon
      request or can be viewed and/or downloaded under

      The Humboldt University of Berlin strives for a higher
      percentage of women in Academia and therefore urges women to apply
      for this fellowship.

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