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FW: CARGO Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology

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      FW: CARGO Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology

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      Subject: CFP: CARGO Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology

      Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology

      Cargo was founded in 1998 at the initiative of ethnology students at=20
      Charles University Faculty of Arts, Prague.  The journal is an attempt=20
      to overcome the positivistic Volkskunde that has long dominated Czech=20
      academic circles and to think reflectively about that tradition.  The=20
      founders were also motivated by the absence of any contemporary forum=20
      within which to draw on and contribute to ethnographic fieldwork based=20
      in the Institute of Ethnology.  Since its founding, Cargo has not only=20
      provided the space to share fieldwork experiences, but has also=20
      stimulated the growth of anthropological exchange among communities in=20
      the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad.


      Cargo publishes articles that address the problematics of=20
      cultural/social anthropology, ethnology and ethnography in Czech, =
      and English.  We welcome the submission of original essays and often=20
      also translate pieces which have previously been published in English.  =

      Considerable effort is put into building a platform from which =
      views can be explored in dialogue.  Cargo is currently publishing a=20
      discussion on cultural relativism, the relationship between =
      and sociobiology, and the history of American Anthropology.  Because=20
      debates among Czech ethnologists rarely appear in journals, Cargo has=20
      become an important intellectual venue both in and out of the Institute =

      of Ethnology.  In addition to lengthier texts, we publish short=20
      articles, review articles, book reviews, and interviews.  See for=20
      example interviews with Jack Weatherford (Cargo 2/2000), Alban Bensa=20
      (Cargo 1/2000), Clifford Geertz (Cargo 3, 4/1999), John Coqqeshall=20
      (Cargo 3, 4/1999), and Franti=B9ek Vrhel (Cargo 0/1998).

      Cargo Publishers

      The Cargo journal was established as part of a larger effort to expand=20
      the activities of independent academic organizations, specifically =
      Publishers.  Currently Cargo Publishers focuses on the Cargo journal,=20
      translating and publishing anthropological literature in Czech, and=20
      organizing research projects in the Czech Republic.  In the future we=20
      hope to sponsor seminars and workshops and to support fieldwork.

      **If you would like to submit a paper to CARGO, please write=20
      cargocas@... and see our website =

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