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FW: Symposium on the Communication in Organizations - Call for Pa rticipants

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    ... From: Anja Muley [mailto:muley@ORGA.BWL.UNI-MANNHEIM.DE] Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 8:37 AM Subject: Symposium on the Communication in
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      FW: Symposium on the Communication in Organizations - Call for Participants

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      From: Anja Muley [mailto:muley@...-MANNHEIM.DE]
      Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 8:37 AM
      Subject: Symposium on the Communication in Organizations - Call for

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      Call for Participants

      1st International and Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Communication in

      University of Mannheim

      March 29-31, 2001

      The Departments of Business Administration and Organizational Behavior
      (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Alfred Kieser), and Romance Languages - Linguistics
      (Prof. Dr. Christine Bierbach), take great pleasure in extending to you the
      invitation to attend the 1st International, Interdisciplinary Symposium on
      the Communication in Organizations, to be held at the University of
      Mannheim, Germany, from the 29 to 31 of March, 2001.


      Communication is nowadays more and more frequently considered an essential
      parameter in the construction, maintenance and change within organizations.
      This has resulted in an ever growing importance among qualitative
      conceptualizations of the notion of organizational communication
      (interpretive, symbolistic, anthropological and semiotic approaches). In the
      same vein, qualitative approaches have gradually become established in the
      research of organization theory as well. At the same time, in such fields as
      Sociolinguistics, where research has always been traditionally qualitative,
      a marked interest in the specific conditions pertaining to communication in
      utilitarian organizations has also witnessed substantial growth in recent
      times. Nevertheless, overlaps in the research between the qualitative branch
      of organization theory and the sociolinguistic research of businesses have
      been to date very sparse. Difficulties in tying both academic perspectives
      together seem to be generated most especially by the problems of
      constructing macrostructural models out of the analyses of interactive
      behavior (bottom-up analyses).

      The Symposium's objective will be to sound out desiderata of qualitative
      research concerning the roll of businesses as both a social construct and
      context, and to formulate requisitions for an interdisciplinary research
      program. The most current research on the topic will be presented by
      internationally recognized experts. The conference will be held in English.

      (in alphabetical order)

      Anni Borzeix (Sociol.), Paris, F, On Language in Fragmented Organisations

      Norman Fairclough (Ling.), Lancaster, UK, Critical Discourse Analysis of
      Language in the New Capitalism

      Sandra Harris (Ling.), Nottingham, UK, Politeness and Power: Discourse
      practices in selected institutional contexts

      Christian Heath (Ling.), London, UK, Overseeing organisations: surveillance
      in action on London Underground

      John Sillince (Management), London, UK, Coherence: A Normative Concept in
      Organisational Communication

      Christina Wasson (Anthropol.), Chicago, USA, The Janus-Faced Power of
      Language in Organizations

      (in alphabetical order)

      Michèle Grosjean (Ling., Psychol.), Lyon, F, Collective Communications: How
      they Reveal the Organisational Cultures in Hospital

      Stephan Habscheid/Elke Weik, (Ling., Organis.), Chemnitz, D, Talking
      Structure. The Shaping of Organizational Reality in Consulting Conversations

      Egbert Kahle/Ricarda Bouncken (Organis.), Lüneburg, D, How Managers
      Construct Organizational Reality by Communication of Maps and Models

      Monika Knassmüller (Bus. Adm.), Wien, AT, Mission Statements-Identifying
      Underlying Concepts

      Valérie Lehmann (Bus. Adm.), Montréal, CA, The Role of Communication in
      Large-scale Organizational Change: Towards the Unification of Prescriptive
      and Descriptive Perspectives

      Agita Luse (Philos./Sociol.), Riga, Latvia, The Rise of Networking Society
      and Structural Transformations in the Field of Religion

      Cliff Oswick/Tom Keenoy/Phil Jones (Management), London, UK, Rethinking
      Organizational Metaphors: Beyond (M)organ-ization theory

      Karl-Heiz Pogner/Anne Marie Søderberg (Communication & Management),
      Copenhagen, DK, All.department e-mails: An Organizational
      Information-transmission System or a Forum for Dialogue?

      Bernt Schnettler (Sociol.), Konstanz, D, The Communicative Construction of

      Gerhard Reber/Evelyne Glaser (Ling.), Linz, AT, Cultural Diversity in
      Business: The Communicative Challenges

      David Seidl (Management), Cambridge, UK, Organisational Self-descriptions in
      the Form of Metaphors

      (in alphabetical order)

      Christine Bierbach/Andreas Müller (Ling.), Mannheim, D, Sociolinguistics on
      Talk at Work: Holistic and Contrastive Approaches

      Alfred Kieser/Anja Muley (Org. Behavior), University of Mannheim, D, The
      Growing Importance of the Storyline


      The conference will begin at 1 pm on Thursday, the 29th of March and will
      end on the following Saturday afternoon, the 31st of March. Registration
      will begin Thursday morning from 9 am until 1 pm.

      The activities will be held in the university facilities of Mannheim's
      baroque castle, located near Mannheim's main railway station. Mannheim is
      very accessible from Frankfurt International Airport both by car or by rail.
      The main railway station is very well connected to Frankfurt International
      Airport. Mannheim also hosts a number of hotels within walking distance of
      the conference. We have already reserved a number of rooms for the reduced
      price of 90 DM, however the number of rooms we will be able to offer are
      limited. The earlier you can register and express your wish for a hotel
      reservation the more likely it is that we will be able to help you in
      finding an accommodation while here in Mannheim. The hotel must be paid upon
      arrival and a reservation is mandatory. Those whom we are unable to offer a
      room, please take a look at the hotels Mannheim has to offer at

      The conference fee is 100 DM including beverages, a small booklet containing
      a copy of the abstracts of the presentations and proceedings. On Friday
      evening we have planned a banquet. The supplementary costs for participation
      in the banquet is 40 DM. Those who would like to take part are requested to
      indicate so in the form below.

      To register please fill out the form and return it to one of the two
      email-addresses mentioned below. To help us organize, please register before
      January 31, 2001.

      We would like to urge you to please pass this Call for Paticipants on to
      anyone else who you believe might be interested in participating!


      1st International and Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Communication
      within Organizations
      March 29-31, Mannheim

      I would like to participate in the conference:
      Last Name, First Name:

      I would like to book a hotel for .......... nights.
      (please be sure to indicate which nights)

      I would like to attend the banquet: Yes/No

      German participants should pay the conference fee in advance by a transfer
      of 100 DM or 140 DM (in the case that you plan to attend the banquet) on the
      following account:
      Account number: 510 487 1800
      Bank code (BLZ): 670 200 20 (Baden-Wuerttembergische Bank Mannheim)
      Please be sure to mention the following reference number in regards to the
      purpose of the transfer: BA 510 210

      International guests are requested to pay the corresponding amount upon
      their arrival.

      Please send your registration to:
      Universitaet Mannheim                 or:        Universitaet Mannheim
      Romanistik II / Linguistik                          ABWL und Organisation
      Schloss                                                    Ostflügel O52/O53
      D-68131 Mannheim                                 D-68131 Mannheim
      Dr. Andreas Mueller                                 Dipl.Kffr./Dipl.Rom.
      Anja Muley
      andreas.mueller@...-mannheim.de     muley@...-mannheim.de

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