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Open Anthropology; again

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  • Tim Sullivan
    SACCers! My apologies for the slip up with trying to forward an email to our list. I didn t realize attachments didn t work. . There may be a better way to do
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2013
      SACCers! My apologies for the slip up with trying to forward an email to our list. I didn't realize attachments didn't work. . There may be a better way to do this, but I have copied and pasted the message from Alisse Waterston, below. So.....besides simply an FYI, do we want to have the banner on our website? It is fairly simple, but since we can't attach, I cannot display it. I can send it out to someone to see if they wish. Tim

      Dear All,

      Please forgive this collective email that I am sending to all of you who are participating in Open Anthropology, and that is addressed to section presidents and journal editors. I hope this note finds you well. Again, I thank you for your support of our pilot project.

      I am very happy and excited to let you know we expect Open Anthropology to launch any day now! Please look for announcements from AAA that will also include the link to the OA site.

      I'm also writing to ask if you would be willing to post the attached "banner ad" for Open Anthropology on your section website. Several of you have suggested this, and I think it's a wonderful idea. Of course, it is entirely up to you and your section if you would like to post it. If you are agreeable, we would be most grateful. Please let me know if you will post the banner ad on your section website.

      Thank you again for participating in Open Anthropology, and for your patience as we get this pilot project off the ground.

      Yours truly,
      Alisse Waterston, Ph.D.
      Professor, Department of Anthropology
      524 West 59th Street, Room 09.63.20
      New York, NY 10019

      Editor, Open Anthropology
      Executive Board, American Anthropological Association
      Chair, Anthropological Communication Committee (ACC), American Anthropological Association
      Committee on Practicing, Applied and Public Interest Anthropology (CoPAPIA), American Anthropological Association

      "My Father's Wars: Migration, Memory, and the Violence of a Century"

      "An Anthropology of War: Views from the Frontline"

      "Anthropology off the Shelf: Anthropologists on Writing"

      Timothy L. Sullivan, Ph.D.
      Professor of Anthropology
      Richland College
      12800 Abrams Rd.
      Dallas, TX 75243

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