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  • Tim Sullivan
    Patricia and I are back home, (mostly) unpacked and, having bailed our deliriously happy pooch out of prison, we are settling back into the routine of
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 14, 2013
      Patricia and I are back home, (mostly) unpacked and, having bailed our deliriously happy pooch out of 'prison,' we are settling back into the routine of catching up on email and such. It was terrific to see both 'old' (ahem) and 'new' SACCers! It was especially wonderful that Mark and Sally, as well as Lloyd, could join us.
      Thanks for the great remarks on the conference. Even more importantly, Mark has articulated what I know Patricia and I feel, and I am sure many of those in SACC feel, about their SACC membership. SACC is our extended family.
      I encourage all members, newbies and oldies alike, to share your excitement and experience with colleagues at home. Invite them to join our ranks and encourage them to attend next year's gathering.
      Thanks to Laura for pointing out the links. I should mention that Texas Beyond History, is a terrific website that kids of all ages can enjoy and learn a great deal, not only about Texas , but the ancient North American southwest. I have used it many times for class assignments, as well as my own information. A word of caution: DO NOT VISIT THIS WEBSITE IF YOU HAVE OTHER PRESSING DUTIES AT HAND! I have found myself lost in it for hours....
      As I stated at the close of our meeting, I hope to see some of you at AAA meetings in Chicago this November, and everyone next year in Mexico City!
      Timothy L. Sullivan, Ph.D.
      Professor of Anthropology
      Richland College
      12800 Abrams Rd.
      Dallas, TX 75243

      >>> Ann Bragdon 04/14/13 11:38 AM >>>
      Mark -

      This is a wonderful testimonial! What you describe is exactly that
      which brings us back each year (hopefully) to the SACC-Fest and
      sometimes to AAA meetings.

      SACC is an essential support for Community College Faculty at so many
      levels - from the youngest to the graying and the retired.
      It is wonderful to hear from the "new-bies" - > the first time and
      often young faculty (and the "under-employed) who are nourished and
      inspired by the SACC-Fest and associations.

      Let' bring in more folks to make the SACC-discovery and keep SACC
      strong into the next generations.

      Our tentative 2014 site for SACC-Fest is Mexico City - dates will be
      confirmed asap.
      Mark - hopefully we will see you (and everyone else) there next year!


      On Apr 14, 2013, at 10:43 AM, Lewine, Mark wrote:
      > It was difficult to arrange, but Sally and I are so glad that we
      > made it to SACC-Fest this year! Last year was the first in more than
      > twenty years that we missed one of these wonderful gatherings...to
      > those of you who were not able to make it, do yourself a favor and
      > start planning for Mexico City next year! Tim Sullivan planned and
      > pulled off a very high quality experience for us all in Austin. The
      > field experience of seeing one of the earliest human settlements in
      > the so-called "New" World was unbelievably exciting! You did not
      > have to be an archaeologist or biological anthropologist to stare in
      > awe at the professionally constructed Clovis and pre-Clovis 14,000+
      > site an hour outside of Austin, with mammoth jaws staring out at us
      > with tools everywhere, and two diggers in the pit, with one of our
      > own(!) a community college anthro prof., smiling at us as we honored
      > him with applause. Wow! A lifetime experience...Previously, we heard
      > an urban anthropologist with more knowledge about immigrant cultural
      > patterns than I had heard in quite some time, and our final dinner
      > speaker showed the most exciting and well-funded (more than 10
      > million dollars) underwater shipwreck historical archaeological
      > recoveries on record...La Salle's expedition and personal history
      > ending in his murder, a dense daily journal of one of his men who
      > somehow survived the incredible journey from the Texas coast to
      > French Canada by foot with few provisions (other than a pen and
      > paper, evidently)...I cannot wait unti l get home to find and read
      > this tome. A personal note: SACC is truly a loving, supportive
      > family for community college's isolated village bigmen and women
      > (much more often women now)...the post-retirement journey that Sally
      > and I are on is suddenly very lonely, with many friends gone from
      > us, or home-bound with limitations of age, and we really came out to
      > SACC mainly to get hugs...needless to say, those hugs were heartfelt
      > and spirit-filling...goddess bless you all!
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