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FW: PLA Workshop Ireland

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      FW: PLA Workshop Ireland

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      Subject: PLA Workshop Ireland


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      New Workshop in Participatory Research and Action/Qualitative Research,
      April 21st - 27th, 2001.

      GroundWork is offering a new workshop for managers, sector specialists and
      researchers working in international development or donor organizations who
      want to learn more about how to do, and how to commission, participatory and
      qualitative research in areas such as education, health, HIV/AIDS,
      microfinance, agriculture, environment or gender.

      We take people from the 'basics' to advanced applications, issues and
      theory. The emphasis is on the practical: getting results that are usable,
      relevant and valid within the constraints that most organizations face. No
      previous experience of participatory research is necessary.

      Places are limited to 15 participants.

      The course will be facilitated by senior experts in participatory research
      from GroundWork, both anthropologists:  Eileen Kane, who specializes in
      research design, methodology, planning, and research training for
      non-researchers, and who has extensive experience in participatory
      approaches to education, health and microfinance  projects throughout the
      world; and Mary O'Reilly-de BrĂșn, who has wide experience of applying
      participatory approaches to gender and education, and who is currently doing
      nation-wide participatory research with women in Ireland on women's poverty,
      health, education, work, local development and violence against women. Both
      have published extensively on research methods and design.  For an
      application form and further details, please contact:


      Please note: Completed applications are due back by January  20th 2001

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