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FW: Talking Gender & Sexuality Symposium

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      Subject: Talking Gender & Sexuality Symposium

      Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 14:19:33 +0200
      From: Paul McIlvenny <paul@...>

      ******** 1st CALL FOR PAPERS *******

      T A L K I N G G E N D E R & S E X U A L I T Y

      5-6 November 1999
      Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

      Plenary speakers:
      Marjorie H. Goodwin, UCLA
      Celia Kitzinger, Loughborough University
      Don Kulick, Stockholm University

      Abstract submission deadline: 1 August 1999

      In the 1990s there has been much debate about the best way to approach the
      study of language and gender. The traditional divisions between the de-
      ficit, the cultural difference and the dominance models have been disputed.
      One consequence is that the profound theoretical challenge to how we
      understand and account for gender - as a dynamic, performative engagement
      which is never complete - matches with the rich set of tools that have
      been developed for analysing the complexities of everyday language use,
      agency and identity in talk-in-interaction. Also, a new domain has opened
      up that is ripe for study: the relationship of sexuality to social
      interaction and language use. Recent edited book collections such as
      'Language and Masculinity', 'Language and Desire', 'Queerly Phrased',
      'Language & Gender', 'Rethinking Language and Gender Research', 'Feminism
      and Discourse', and 'Gender Articulated' suggest a flourishing research
      enterprise, but one which has yet to be fully explored.

      Attendees of the symposium are invited to present parallel session papers,
      to organise panel sessions or to conduct workshops on the theory and/or
      practice of analysing verbal and non-verbal social interaction in a
      diversity of settings in which participants constitute themselves as
      gendered and sexed persons or communities. Presentations of research on
      the following settings are welcome: everyday conversation, institutional
      talk, talk in the media, computer-mediated communication, and dialogue in
      popular culture, fiction and written texts. We desire to achieve a relaxed
      forum for discussion and debate, so accepted presentations will be grouped
      into thematic sections under the guidance of a section chair and/or
      discussant. Presenters will be allotted 20 minutes plus 20 minutes for

      Abstracts of max. 300 words in English should be sent with your full
      contact details by August 1st, 1999 to Paul McIlvenny (see the address
      below). Electronic submissions are welcome. The language of the symposium
      is English. Please redistribute this call for papers to interested

      For further information, and to pre-register, please see the symposium
      website <http://www.sprog.auc.dk/~paul/conf99/> or contact:

      Paul McIlvenny (paul@...)
      Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies
      Kroghstraede 3
      Aalborg University
      DK-9220 Aalborg DENMARK
      Tel: +45 9635 9169
      Fax: +45 9815 7887

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