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Re: [SACC-L] AAA Invited Sessions

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  • Laura Gonzalez
    Hi Mary Kay and all, As the immediate Past-President, I m organizing and submitting the Five Fields Update session for the upcoming AAA meetings in November
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 4, 2013
      Hi Mary Kay and all,

      As the immediate Past-President, I'm organizing and submitting the "Five Fields Update" session for the upcoming AAA meetings in November in Chicago. We have a terrific line-up, including some well-known bloggers and tweeters who have their pulse on trends in the fields of anthropology.

      As you know, Mary Kay, the executive committee is discussing how to move forward with panel organizing. Although it may be tight, there is still time for us to submit a second panel (or more?) by the deadline of March 15th.

      So, I wanted to echo and support MK's call for any ideas for panels, and thank you MK for stepping up to offer your help in organizing. I also wanted to throw out the suggestion that we run our popular "I Love It When You� Teaching Tips" session again this year. If there is any interest in presenting a paper at this session on best practices in anthropology courses, please contact us!


      On Mar 4, 2013, at 4:04 PM, Gilliland, Mary wrote:

      Hello SACCers:

      We have had a little discussion about the logistics for our Invited Session, the 5-Field Panel, which our Immediate Past-President is organizing.

      In addition, there are usually one or two sessions that SACC reviews, and which focus on something to do with teaching anthropology. Dianne Chidester has organized sessions in the past, along with Jo Rainie Rodgers, on award-winning teaching strategies, and on technology or on some other theme related to the AAA theme for the year (e.g. last year's Boundaries).

      Are we organizing, collectively, anything besides the 5-Field for this year? (I know some have volunteered to participate in the project to connect to K-12 schools in Chicago, but am unsure if that counts as a session -- I'm guessing not). I am putting forward the question not because I particularly want to offer a paper, but to help make sure we have a SACC presence in Chicago. I would be willing to help organizationally if needed, but I had heard there may be a session or two brewing out there, which would be great.

      My apologies if I missed some of the conversation and am behind the times!

      Mary K. Gilliland, Ph.D.
      Pima Community College
      Tucson, AZ

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